Masturbation Meaning: Unlock Your Best Orgasm Yet.

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A quick pass to pleasure? Or a deeper, more spiritual exploration of body and mind? What’s the meaning of masturbation?

Does masturbation actually have meaning?

Men masturbate. But the question is: have you ever stopped to consider why?

Gaining sexual pleasure and personal meaning through masturbation is completely normal. It feels good to touch yourself and stimulate your body to the point of orgasm.

One thing is for sure: you masturbate when you want to feel good.

It’s even good for you as a proven form of stress relief and relaxation. When you hit that orgasmic high your body fires endorphins into your system. These are feel-good hormones that block pain and make you feel great.

Also, masturbation is one of the safest forms of sex.

No matter whether you’re single or in a relationship, chances are that masturbation is one way you find meaningful pleasure regularly and relieve sexual tension.

How can you give masturbation more meaning?

It doesn’t matter how you prefer to masturbate, one thing is for sure: you masturbate when you want to feel good.

But what about if you want to feel really, really good? What if you want to go one step further and truly discover the meaning of masturbation for yourself?

Then it’s time to masturbate better.

Here are a few tips to help you on the way to the perfect, mind-blowingly awesome orgasm.

1. Masturbation brings meaning to your whole body

Don’t just focus on your genitals. When you masturbate, take the time to explore your whole body to turn your pleasure levels up. Different types of touch such as stroking, scratching and rubbing other areas of your body can really turn up the heat. You’ll be giving your masturbation more meaning than ever.

2. Play with positions

Just as with regular sexual intercourse between two people, experimenting with positions can make a huge difference to self-love. If you normally masturbate lying or sitting down, try standing up or kneeling. Feel the difference and love it.

3. Masturbate mindfully

Get your mouth open and take in a lungful of that beautiful air while you play with yourself. By slowing down and controlling your breathing, you increase your alpha brainwave activity, which improves relaxation. You’re able to enjoy the amazing sensations of masturbation and send them around your body better than ever. The more you breathe, the more meaning you find in your masturbation.

4. Make time for playtime

Sure–we’re all busy. But if you plan ahead, you can easily turn your free time into me time. Put aside a couple of hours in your schedule when you know you’re not going to get bothered or interrupted by anything or anyone. Then use that time to really lose yourself in some masterful, meaningful masturbation.

Take time to enjoy and embrace the different feelings that come your way as you play.

5. No orgasm? No problem.

Masturbation and orgasms are two separate things. You can experience amazing, mind-bending masturbation without climaxing, meaning it’s still just as thrilling. Getting yourself close to coming then slowing down can feel fantastic. You’re literally teasing yourself to the limit of climax. Take time to enjoy and embrace the different feelings that come your way as you play.

6. Pass on the porn

There’s nothing wrong with watching porn to give your masturbation more meaning, but things can get even more thrilling when you start to use your own imagination. Close your eyes and visualize what really turns you on. The more you focus, the better it gets.

7. Invest in cutting-edge sex tech

Sex toys for men are better than ever, so there’s never been a better time to try one out. Easy to use and easy to maintain, today’s smart sex devices range from innovative strokers to vibrating anal plugs take your orgasms to the next level and beyond.

All of a sudden, your play becomes a mind-blowing multi-sensory experience.
With sex tech, your masturbation can be more meaningful than ever.

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Interested in the latest toys?

The Arcwave Ion is a game-changer for masturbation. Adjustable intensity levels and targeted air pressure will lead you to more intense orgasms than you’ve ever experienced.

Masturbation as a daily ritual

To find deeper meaning in masturbation, you might want to avoid rushing things. Good things come to those who wait, right?

Planning ahead allows you to set aside time to enjoy the experience. Over time, and with more practice, you will likely develop a better sense of what you enjoy. You can include masturbation as an important part of your daily or weekly routine.

Give masturbation the same importance as sports and make it a regular fixture in your life.

If you play sports regularly, it’s likely because you enjoy it. Because you’re good at it, and it makes you feel more alive. Give masturbation the same importance and make it a regular fixture in your life. Just like learning any skill, you’ll get better at it. You’ll develop new levels of self-awareness and understanding. And with that, your masturbation will take on new meaning.

Good, meaningful masturbation is about putting yourself and your feelings first – and once you get going there’s no limit to how good you can make yourself feel.

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Go seek out the meaning in your masturbation

Whatever your definition of masturbation is, whatever your reasons for doing it, whatever your techniques or choice of toy–it’s all good. Masturbation is personal, meaning there’s no right or wrong. There’s only what’s right for you–what makes you feel better than ever.

Explore. Discover. Enjoy. Go find what masturbation’s true meaning to you.

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