What’s right for me? 9 Tips for Masturbation

tips for masturbation

Do you find it difficult to have an orgasm? Maybe you just haven’t found the right trigger for you yet. Masturbation helps you try out new techniques without any pressure and helps you find out what really turns you on. Let our tips help!

For men, masturbation is almost a running joke in movies and television–from American Pieto Something About Mary, teenage boys and adult men are always jerking off. Masturbation for women is, however, still rarely discussed and – if we’re honest – we don’t make it easy for comedic authors. The range of possibilities in which women can masturbate is almost endless.

While so much variety is great, it can also be overwhelming: which technique do I like? What else should I try? Am I doing it right? Today we pull back the sheets and offer you our suggestions for your next solo session.

Sex with yourself – many roads lead to Rome

The rule applies even to masturbation: who dares wins. Maybe your favorite technique for playtime has yet to be found. Women have many erogenous zones–your own hot spots are often best discovered by yourself. Some women are turned on by stimulating the anus, others heat up by touching the breasts, ears or the inner thighs. Try different speeds and moves in order to discover what exactly is right for you. Circular movements, rubbing, pressure and even tapping–your fantasies should have no bounds.

Tips for Masturbation: The Right Timing

You absolutely need it now, even though you don’t have much time? Then you should put the alarm on rather than watching the clock–that only distracts you and spoils the moment. During masturbation, if you’re only thinking of your grocery list or the last argument you had with your lover, you can pretty much give up the pursuit of a climax. It is only when you feel comfortable and are really ready to enjoy time with yourself that everything comes together for an orgasm.

In or Out?

There are numerous legends and fairy tales around female pleasure. If you believe the porn industry, then the pinnacle of excitement is hard penetration with a huge penis. Meanwhile there are now studies that even say that the vaginal orgasm is a myth. Even so, if you prefer penetration to massage, you can search for the legendary Gräfenberg Spot–better known as the G-Spot. It’s located around 4 centimeters inside from the vaginal opening and is apparently as pleasurable as it is well-hidden. However, many women don’t even find the spot themselves in their life – and some even find stimulation of it unpleasant.

Instead most women today agree: the clitoris ranks number one as an orgasm guarantee. Also known as the clit, the small button of pleasure is located right in front, between the labia. Although it can be seen a little from the outside, it extends inside the vagina and can be stimulated with a finger.

Changing positions

During sex with a partner, we try out a lot of things – so why not dare to change your position during masturbation? Maybe you’ll be able to simulate more of yourself or your favorite technique could become even more comfortable, because not all parts of the body are easily reached while lying in bed. For example, when lying on your stomach you can use your own body weight to add pressure on your clitoris or even masturbate hands-free, maybe by rubbing yourself against your pillow or blanket.

Aids with the Orgasm Guarantee

Sure, you shouldn’t play with food, but have you ever used a cucumber as a dildo? Of course, remember to wash it beforehand as germs can lurk on food, causing inflammation in the genital area.

The safer option is medically-tested adult toys. For those who find it difficult to stimulate manually, there is a huge range of handy helpers like Womanizer DUO that will boost your heart rate and take your breath away–for both clitoral and vaginal uses. Adult toys are definitely not for everyone, but it is always worthwhile to try them at least. And always with lubricant.  You’ll be amazed at how good sex with yourself can feel. Water-based gels like Pjur WOMAN Nude are ideal for use with adult toys, as they are made without silicone.

pjur WOMAN Nude

pjur woman nude Our water-based personal lubricant without any additives! In the cosmetics and fashion industries, nude is a by-word for natural, genuine products.


pjur aqua woman This water-based premium personal lubricant was developed specifically for women to meet the needs of their skin.

Tips for Masturbation: Manual Play

We are surrounded by technical devices all day long that make our lives easier. Why not try going “back to your roots” and enjoying solo time in the traditional way? Or you can leave your underwear on and pull it across yourself. It doesn’t always have to be so high tech…

Masturbation with Guidance

Of course, masturbation is private matter–but what woman wouldn’t like to have a manual for orgasms, entirely explicit and free? You’ll find exactly that on platforms such as O.School or OMGyes. Without any drama women can take the topic of masturbation out of the taboo-zone and openly show their favorite techniques in videos. An extra tidbit: with the mouse or your finger you can trace the movement on a virtual model–a dry run, so to speak.

Solo for Two

Masturbation means to satisfy oneself. But that doesn’t have to mean your partner can’t be there too. If you enjoy being watched while masturbating, it can improve your sex life dramatically to let your partner participate. Another advantage: they can take notes firsthand and can put it into action next time! Your partner doesn’t even have to be in the same room for that.

masturbation tips masturbieren tipps

We-Vibe Sync

With toys like the We-Vibe Sync, couples can now satisfy each other via remote control with the We-Connect app–or simply look on during masturbation.

We-Vibe Melt

The pulsating air surrounds the clitoris with highly pleasurable sensations, while the curved design fits perfectly between you in any position.

Fantasy or Porn?

Porn is secret men’s business? Not anymore! Kinky movies are appearing more and more often in women’s bedrooms. Whether S&M, foot fetish or bondage–there’s something for everyone. It doesn’t have to be hardcore, as the porn scene continues to evolve and offers alternatives to mainstream porn like Deep Throatand Casting Couch. And anyway, it doesn’t even have to be porn–sometimes watching Jon Snow is already enough.

Masturbation is not only the handy answer to unexpected arousal, it also helps you to understand yourself and your body better. You grow in self-confidence and learn to love yourself. In addition, masturbation is also healthy: women can relieve their stress through it. The tips offered here should help you to find your climax. But don’t despair if it doesn’t happen straight away. The most important thing is to find out what you and your body like–without any pressure. The rest will come naturally, maybe not today but eventually.

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