Meditation & Self Love: Our O Talk Alexandra Lia brings us into our femininity

 Our author Edith Löhle has invited Consciousness Coach Alexandra Lia on the Blue Couch of the O Talk. With the help of meditation and simple life hacks she shows us how we come into our feminine power in everyday life – and how we stay. Yaaaaas, girls. Alexandra Lia’s seminars and workshops are all about accepting each other completely. Meditation paves the way for this: “For me, meditation is a way to not only quench my mind or paralyze my Monkey Brain, as the Americans call it. But actually to arrive at my place”, Alexandra Lia tells in our O Talk.

An important part of her work is to honour femininity in our society and to encourage people to do so: “For me, femininity is a cross-gender thing. That has nothing to do with whether you are a man or a woman. For me, it is a way of perceiving the world, how we perceive ourselves, and what virtues and qualities we celebrate in everyday life,” she says. More concretely: “I can only invite people to reflect on themselves and encourage them to love their softer qualities as well. Like patience, gentleness, forgiveness, creativity, connection with one’s feelings, with intuition. Things rather round than angular and linear. And there I believe that a lot happens on an atomic level and then also on a social level – and you can create a shift there.”

In our O Talk you will learn how to cultivate this in everyday life in the little things and which meditation you can check in again and again. Enjoy!

Are you interested in the work of Alexandra Lia? Have a look at her homepage:

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