My new years resolution is to have more sex

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My new years resolution is to have more sex

When most people think of making a new years resolution, they think of joining the gym, committing to read more, or pledging to consume less alcohol. Inevitably, a few weeks into January, these aspirations are all but a forgotten memory.  

I’ve personally never had a new years resolution I’ve stuck to for more than a few months; mainly because of the tedious, uninspiring nature of my pledges. And perhaps because my heart was never in them to begin with. 

My copy of ‘War and Peace’ has still yet to be read beyond the introduction, and I cancelled my gym membership after coming to the realization that skipping my workouts was giving me a far greater adrenaline rush than climbing the Stairmaster. 

A new kind of new years resolution

So this year I’m doing something radical and committing to do more of something I actually enjoy for my new years resolution: having sex. I should add that my resolution to have more sex includes both the coupled-up and solo kind, because #masturbationisselfcare. 


Here’s the thing about sex: it’s completely free, releases endorphins, lowers stress and is arguably more enjoyable than reading ‘War and Peace’ over to cover. So why do we treat it like the last thing on our to-do list? Like an “I’ll get to it later, if I have the time and the energy” task? 

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Sexual wellness

Sexual wellness is strongly linked to physical and mental wellness, and yet, we rarely treat sex as a priority. Perhaps because, as women, we’ve been taught to view sex as a task that involves selflessly giving to our partners, often at the expense of our own pleasure, and to regard masturbation as selfish and dirty. 

But here’s the thing, buying into that ideology is costing us, big time. It’s costing us our sexual confidence and our comfort and keeping us living smaller, more silent existences.  

Happy New Year!

People often ask me why I’m so passionate about sex. I tell them it’s because prioritizing your sexual wellness isn’t just about having more orgasms, it’s about having a bigger voice. 

When I stepped into my own sexual empowerment and took control of prioritizing my right to pleasure, I became a more confident, outspoken person in every aspect of my life. From asking for a raise at work to making new friends, putting my pleasure first taught me to prioritize my own happiness. 

So this New Year, I’m resolving to have more sex.

Not because it’s easier than joining a gym (though it is!) but because the benefits far outweigh any workout class I’ll ever take. 

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