New year, new moves? Sex positions you must try in 2023!

Are you ready for a change? It’s the New Year and there’s no better time than the present. Rather than stick to the same boring old New Year’s resolutions, this year it’s time to spice things up in the bedroom too. So why not get some inspo from these new sex positions to try in 2023…

The Unicorn

sex position

Mutual pleasure shouldn’t be as rare as a mythical creature, but let’s face it – sometimes it just doesn’t click. If you feel like making a change and trying out something new, then why not the Unicorn. From this position, you can enjoy the mind-blowing pulses of the Nova 2, plus anal stimulation too. If you’re ready to take the plunge, dive in!

nova 2

SuperNOVA 2 orgasms!

Send you and your partner sky-high with this incredible update on the classic rabbit vibrator.

Time to Tango X

Mini in size, maxi in impact! This versatile vibe’s perfect for both solo and partner playtime.

The Frog

sex position

For the ultimate close encounter, take some inspo from our amphibian friends. The Frog lets you and your partner stay skin-to-skin but open enough for full stimulation. Add in a mini vibrator like the Tango X and you have the perfect combination!

cock ring

Pivot Playtime

Penis rings can create longer, intense orgasms so why not add a little extra buzz with Pivot.

The Stand & Deliver

sex position

For those wanting to spice things up without needing a 6-week workout to prepare, Stand and Deliver is the perfect position. Penetration from behind gives that full-coverage sensation, plus using a vibrating penis ring like the Pivot means your partner can enjoy a little extra buzz too. 

Shiva’s Dance

Find a table or something to lean against, with one partner free to wrap their legs around the other. Spice things up with the help of Chorus, a toy that will stay in position no matter how acrobatic you get.

We-Vibe Chorus

Come with Chorus

With clitoral and internal vibes, you and a partner can enjoy the good times from the inside out.

We-Vibe Rave

Ready to Rave

With a curved head, Rave is the perfect toy to stimulate your G-spot and hit the mark every time.

Lip Service

sex position

What’s better than one? Two! That applies to stimulation too. One partner lies down while the other can rest between their legs for oral sex. Add something extra with the G-spot stimulation, either with a finger or with the help of a dedicated toy like Rave.

The Leafy GOAT

Like all things GOAT, this position is a classic. One partner sits on the other’s lap, allowing for pull penetration while keeping your hands free. Try stimulating the sensitive spots with a little mini vibe like the Touch X. This is compact enough to not feel clunky, but big enough that you can definitely appreciate its presence.

We-Vibe Touch X

The Right Touch X

This plush, powerful mini vibe is ideal for intimate massage and will adapt to each of your curves

We-Vibe Verge

On the Verge

Have you ever wondered about perineum pleasure? Verge is the perfect toy to help you discover more…

Parvati’s Dance

You can do it, put your back into it! This position lets the partner move around until you have the perfect angle. Add in We-Vibe’s penis ring Verge and the convenience of the remote control, and you have stimulation for both partners – from all sides.

The Deep Cut

Although it might sound intimidating, getting into this position is easier than you think. The direct contact is definitely worth the try. It’s also a good position for adding in a wearable vibe. Anything internal will stay in position and create more intense sensations. 

we-vibe jive detail o-diaries

Just Jive!

Wearables are not only discreet and intense, but they also stay in position no matter which way you move!

We-Vibe Melt

Melting Moves

Gentle waves of air create a suction across the clitoris and push you to an entirely new type of orgasm.

The Amazon

One partner sits on a bench or chair while the other faces them and wraps their legs around them. Yep, this one is truly up close and personal. While there’s not much space between the two, there’s still room for a compact toy like the Melt. This will amp up the clitoral sensations during penetration and is the perfect path for a blended orgasm.

The Spork

Spooning is great but you know what’s better? Sporking! This position is perfect for a little anal play, whether it’s with a penis, strap-on, or even an anal plug. If you go for the latter, grab one that vibrates like the Vector+. It’s the ultimate boost to this already sensitive spot!

We-Vibe Vector

Variety with Vector+

Rumbling vibrations plus anal plug pleasure? What’s not to love!

Sync Up Sensations

Couples toys turn things up to 11. Have you tried dual stimulation?

The Rolling Stone

Just like a rolling stone, it’s important to keep things moving and fresh. Try a spin on the classic cuddle, with one partner curved around the other. To add a little more excitement, try a couples toy like We-Vibe’s Sync 2. It’ll stay in place and keep both partners buzzing!

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