New: The Oh Really?! Show – Episode 1 ft. Maria-José

Drumroll pleeease… let us introduce our online series: The Oh Really?! Show. The idea? We drink, we play and we have open and honest discussions with each other – about everything from solo sex, masturbation in general and the wondrous world of orgasms.

Our first guest is the charming Maria-José. Growing up in Mexico, she now lives in Berlin. The best thing about her? Maria-José is beyond open and honest when talking about her personal experiences. Without giving too much away, the first episode of The Oh Really?! Show sees her discussing squirting – and how any woman has the ability to squirt.

But check it out for yourself…

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Frieda worked as a freelance journalist for over 10 years: She used to write about Easter recipes and style icons, about human metabolism and Michelin-rated restaurants. In short: about everything, except for sex. And for a good reason. Frieda always considered herself to be an average sexual person for all those years. Until a breakup persuaded her to stop taking the pill, which she had been on for 14 years. It was then, at the age of 28, that she finally discovered her wonderful sexuality and found her true, unique and hungry libido. Ever since, she has not only practiced a new sexuality. She writes and speaks about it too. And has never been as fulfilled as she is today!