“It’s possible to learn the orgasm”: O Talk with Sexological Bodyworker Mareen Scholl

Drumm roll, please: We proudly present the O Talk. From now on we are having different sexperts as guests on our blue couch. We want to dissolve urban legends and myths. We want to talk about the female lust, about different types of sexuality. And we want to give ideas for a positive understanding of your own body. Our first interview partner is Mareen Scholl, Sexological Bodyworkerin from Berlin.

Mareen Scholl: Sexological Bodywork – what’s that?

During her everyday working life Mareen supports women and couples, to re-discover and to expand their own sexuality. “It’s all about feeling and re-connecting with the very own body. It’s important, not to be guided by any ideas and concepts”, explains Mareen Scholl. She always considers body and soul in a holistic way. And she tries to understand what the body wants – apart fromsexual desire.  One of the main goals Sexological Bodywork is to talk equally and naturally about the orgasm.

How it’s possible to learn the climax, what’s Yoni Mapping and how we can get rid of pornographic images? You’ll find all the answers in our very first O Talk.

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