One Tree Planted meets Womanizer: Who are they and what’s the hype about this collab?

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What is One Tree Planted?

As an environmental charity focused on global reforestation, they are dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment. It’s also a key goal to create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help local teams with reforestation efforts around the world.

To put it in simple terms: they want to make the world a better place, one tree at a time.

Initially founded in 2012, One Tree Planted is growing at an incredible rate. They work with teams in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. These local teams help to get trees in the ground to restore forests after fires and floods, create jobs, build communities, and protect habitat for biodiversity.

So what does the One Tree Planted team have to do with Womanizer?

In a step towards making our everyday lives greener and more sustainable, Womanizer has announced they are supporting One Tree Planted in combination with the launch of their new eco-friendly clitoral air massager: Premium eco.

How is a sex toy eco-friendly?

So what makes a sex toy good for the environment? Well, first things first, as much fun as it is to collect a huge range of toys to play with, there can be the issue of creating waste. It can be difficult to dispose of your sex toy properly. Luckily, Womanizer has tackled this problem head-on with Premium eco.

This toy can be completely disassembled and recycled. That means that after years of fun and enjoyment, a toy like Premium eco can simply be taken apart and recycled. Now you can enjoy pleasure SUSTAINABLY.

Premium eco

Womanizer PREMIUM eco

How do you feel even better than enjoying a clitoral massage? How about knowing that it’s sustainable and green. You can now enjoy eco-friendly orgasms with Premium eco. With a biodegradable material and recyclable case, Premium eco represents a step towards the future of sex toys.

What is reforestation and why is it important for the environment?

Reforestation is the process through which areas of forest, that were once damaged or chopped down, can start to make a recovery. Trees are planted to replace the lost forests and this helps to recreate the natural landscape that was once there.

While deforestation may occur through a natural disaster, in modern times, it is often caused by human impact. This can devastating effects on the local environment as well as the global environment too. That’s why the work of organizations like One Tree Planted is so important.

This group does careful and thorough research to see which trees make the most sense for an area and which will have the longest term of sustainability. For example, some types of soil can be great for one type of tree but terrible for another. It’s vital that the trees planted are chosen properly so they have a good chance of thriving.

Why is One Tree Planted’s work so important?

There are a number of benefits to the process of reforestation. Not only does it give local areas a chance to recover and provide beautiful natural spaces to local populations, but it can also have significant economic value too.

Reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

As we all know, forests are an important source of oxygen. As forests have been reduced, the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere has increased. Therefore a key element of fighting this damaging rise is planting trees – and the more the better.

Saving biodiversity

As forest numbers have decreased, the level of biodiversity in green areas has also decreased. This affects the habitats of local wildlife and populations. People that rely on specific byproducts of trees or the animals that live around them are losing vital parts of their day-to-day life. Additionally, animals that lose their habitat are often forced to move to other areas, where they can disrupt the delicate balance of the ecosystem, or even put a strain on or damage their new homes.

Saving the homes of animals

Forcing animals into new homes or habitats not only damages the ecosystem or biodiversity, but it also can lead to the death of huge numbers of creatures. For example, animals that often live in the trees may be forced to move and travel on the ground level. Unfamiliarity with this terrain can mean they are exposed to new predators or obstacles that often kill them before they can find a new home.

Maintaining a balanced ecological system

Forests not only help to absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but also help in lowering temperatures locally. The loss of a forest can change the landscape of an area dramatically as well as the climate and living environment for everyone nearby.

Once trees have been damaged or removed, the soil is faster to erode and fail to hold water. Even when trees fall naturally, they help to nourish the surrounding soil and help prepare the landscape for new growth.

Economic impact

While logging and industrial deforestation are linked to huge profits, there are important economic advantages to preserving forests and supporting organizations like One Tree Planted.

Sustainable sourcing of wood is one way in which the materials of the forest can be used but without long-term damage to the forest or the environment. It can also generate a tidy income too! Another economic advantage is creating a healthy, thriving landscape among which communities can flourish. Many groups rely on forests as part of their everyday lives and industry. By making sure they stay alive for as long as possible, the people who depend on the forest can thrive too.

Where does One Tree Planted fit in?

In an effort to make sure their approach to sustainable sex toys is as well-rounded as it should be, Womanizer has chosen to support environmental efforts that are having an impact today. While recycling the eco means waste will be reduced in the future, the One Tree Planted project will make a positive mark on the environment as early as today.

PREMIUM eco Crowdfunding Campaign

Rock your world, save the planet. Back the Womanizer PREMIUM eco crowdfunding campaign at the URL below. Because an orgasm shouldn’t cost the earth. Save up to 50% OFF – all for charity! 

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