How to Have Outdoor Sex For Most Adventurous Orgasms Yet

outdoor sex

Sex outside is thrilling! Well, it is summertime and the living is sexy. It’s the perfect time of year to get your booty outside to get some booty in places unknown.  Here is how to have sex outdoors for your most adventurous orgasms yet!

Outdoor Sex: Dress for success

The first thing to consider when attempting outdoor sex is what you’re going to wear. Summer is the perfect time of year to have sex outside because it is warm outside and therefore, there is very little clothing involved. The less clothes you have on, the easier it is to pull off sex outside.

A summer dress is perfect for this kind of adventurous experience. If possible, wear something light and long so your partner can lift it up with ease. You don’t want to be fumbling with your clothes when you’re trying to have a quickie in the woods, you know?

The biggest suggestion I could make would be to choose your clothing carefully, something you can easily take off and put back on. For women, long dresses or skirts are perfect for this. For guys, shorts you can easily pull down and pull up again,” Rowett says.

Don’t wear any panties underneath your dress. You want to make sure there is, um, easy access. The best part about a light summer maxi dress is that if someone comes too close, you can always pull it down really quickly and pretend to be bird watching (or whatever).

Choose the right location for Outdoor-Sex

Having outdoor sex is fun … but it doesn’t come without downfalls. You might like the thrill of the idea of getting caught, but if you do get caught you could get fined (or even arrested). That is demonstrably not sexy. 

To avoid this type of conflict, choose the right place to have this outdoor sex. “I would first make sure no one is around, or if that is part of the intrigue, that at least there is some sort of distance or protection from the crowds. Maybe you’re behind a tree, or on a balcony above everyone.” Ghose says. 

You want to be sure you’re shaded enough to avoid getting in trouble. Having outdoor sex is all fun and games until someone is in handcuffs, so proceed with extreme caution.

Bring a safety blanket

If you don’t have a private balcony or some other outdoor-but-private area at your disposal, be sure to bring a blanket. Take something to cover the ground, like a blanket. You can’t relax and enjoy if you’re freaking out if you’re going to get grass or mud stains,” says Rowett. You want to always come prepared for outdoor sex. Have sex standing up can be super challenging. Having a blanket on hand makes for a wide range of sexy options. Who says you can’t do it in doggy style outside? Another reason a blanket is a good idea is for fast coverups. If you’re getting it on and suddenly hear people approaching, you can throw if over yourselves and hide your naughty behavior. 

Outdoor Sex? Keep it simple!

As fun as outdoor sex can be, now is not the time to whip out the crazy positions you’ve been dying to try since you read that one article on spicing up your sex life. Having sex outside is risky … and illegal. So, you want to keep is simple and quick. Quckies can be super fun. Enjoy yourselves.

Try easier positions such as missionary, standing doggy style, or whatever your go-to position might be. If you want to have some oral sex, that’s totally on the table, you just want to be sure you’re being cautious. If you’re receiving, pay attention to your surroundings and keep an eye out for passersby. 

Don’t forget your practical gear

Just because you spontaneously have outdoor sex doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. So don’t just think about your picnic, sun cream and champagne on your next trip to the countryside – also think about your lubricant and your favourite toy. Happy summer adventure boinking!

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