Outdoor Sex For Adventures In Orgasms

outdoor sex

Sex outside or in unusual places can be oh-so-ultra thrilling! Adrenaline combined with novelty and risk creates a sense of connection and intensifies pleasure. Ready to get out of the house and into the world? Just remember to proceed at your own caution so you don’t end up with a ticket or in a jail cell…unless…that’s your particular flavor of turn on.

Take a hike

A hike through the woods combines crisp air, forest splendor and flushed cheeks for a sexy magic time to remember. Wear loose clothing, bring a blanket and go off trail – just remember to watch out for poison oak.

Ferris wheel

You might not be able to go ‘full monty’, but heavy petting coupled with passionate kisses are sure fire ways to make the ride more titillating. Or who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky and get stuck at the top.

Castle ruins

Get whimsical for some naughty business. Ruins are perfect for role playing your favorite Outlander sex scene or a bit of hide and seek before you do it medieval style.

Carwash climax

This is a quickie favorite. Why not get down and dirty while you get your car clean? If time runs out, continue on in the car for sex reminiscent of wild teenage times gone by.

Abandoned building

For those souls who like it a bit spooky, a deserted warehouse or industrial park scrawled with graffiti can be an arousing adventure.

Rooftop terrace

A different take on the mile high club. Play a game of striptease hidden (or not so hidden) from the world below.

Dressing room

Shopping and sex? Sounds like the perfect date. As you peruse the clothing racks, elevate foreplay with We-Vibe’s Bond. Worn discreetly, this vibrating penis ring adds in discreet stimulation for tantalizing teases. Simply play with your partner’s sensations using the app controlled feature. Then meet in the dressing room for a climactic encounter.

We-Vibe BOND

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Womanizer Liberty

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