U*Diaries: Poolside Playtime


A few years ago something happened that is still my best kept secret. My dirty secret. And the reason why I sometimes feel a bit bad for my boyfriend. But let’s start at the beginning…

Livin’ la dolce vita

My boyfriend Lukas and I had rented a house in Italy for a few days, along with his best friend Andi and his girlfriend Isa. The plan was simple: good food, lots of wine and a relaxing week of “La Dolce Vita”. While I had met Andi at least a few times before, I didn’t even know Isa. I must admit, I was sceptical. What if she turned out to be a dodgy guest? I had stalked her on Instagram and had to admit she was pretty damn good looking. Tall, athletic build, long dark hair and cute freckles. The thought of lying next to her at the pool made me more than a little nervous, because I’m more the curvy type when it comes my figure. But from the first evening on, my reservations vanished into thin air. The four of us got along great right from the start.

Instant BFFs?

There was a kind of familiarity between Isa and me right away – as if we had known each other forever. I could even imagine having found a new friend in her. We had a lot of fun the next few days. While the boys did their thing, Isa and I hung out at the pool all day long and told each other our life stories. I learned that although she was happy with Andi, there were more lows than highs. He was terribly jealous, while Isa is just the type who likes to flirt – she liked the attention. “And he’s jealous already, without knowing there’s twice the competition he thinks there is,” she laughed as we both stretched out on our deck chairs.

A spicy secret

Twice the competition? I was really confused and asked her what she meant. “Well, I like men and women, I’m bi”. “And you never told him that?” I asked, incredulously. “No, why would I? He would only worry more.” I thought her attitude was weird, but I admired her too. And her confession made me curious, after all I had never had anything with a woman. “What’s it like to have sex with a woman?” I asked her. “It’s very different, much more intense and a bit more tender. We know better what we women like,’ she said and winked at me. Shortly after that the boys came and the subject was finished.

I found myself looking at Isa with a completely new perspective.

I began to feel those familiar tingles…

Her words had been on my mind ever since that conversation. I caught myself looking at Isa in a whole new light. Her beautiful, tanned skin, her sensual mouth and even her graceful movements. And then finally the night before last it happened. The boys went out to have a good time in the village – Boys’ Night, as they called it. Isa and I drank wine – lots of wine. The atmosphere was heating up and there was something in the air. When Isa suggested we jump into the pool again, I hesitated for only a moment. Then I jumped in after her. What happened then was something out of a corny movie. She swam towards me, pulled me close and kissed me. First very gently, then she pushed her tongue into my mouth more and more demanding. I let myself get involved. Kissing her was exciting, so different, so good.

It’s so different than with my boyfriend…

We kissed more and more intensely and suddenly I felt her hand in my bikini top. I was amazed at how firm her touch was when she started to knead my breasts under water. This felt almost masculine to me and it was this unexpectedness that really turned me on. “Come on,” Isa whispered and pulled me out of the pool and onto one of the couches.

We kept kissing. She first took off my top, then hers. Then she tenderly began to massage and kiss my breasts. Very slowly she let her tongue circle around my nipples while I had her beautiful, naked breasts in view. This drove me crazy. Now I also began to touch her breasts. It felt so much better than I had ever imagined. I got more and more wet and noticed that she was now shoving her hand down my bikini bottoms. Gently at first, then more and more demanding. She massaged my clitoris while I moaned loudly with pleasure and now devoted myself to her bosom with hands, lips and tongue.

When Isa noticed how turned on I was already, she pulled my panties down completely and started to lick my clitoris. And in that moment I understood: This is what she meant by the fact that only women know what women want. I have never been stimulated so well by a man before, only my favourite sex toy could compete The orgasm was unsurpisingly intense. I totally let myself go and screamed with pleasure. Good that our holiday home was so secluded… When I came, Isa let herself sink down next to me and took off her bikini pants. She smiled mischievously at me. “I’ll give you a few minutes to catch your breath and then it’s my turn.”

It felt so much better than I had ever imagined.

An unexpected partner-swap…with consequences

It was really quite a night. I now had a different idea of sex – and a guilty conscience too. After all, we’d both cheated on our partner. When the boys came back later that night, we played it cool. I still don’t know how they would have reacted. Who knows, maybe our little tryst would have really turned them on… Or it could have been a nasty breach of trust. I haven’t been with a woman since, but that’s a memory I treasure. If only it weren’t for my guilty conscience.

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