Penis rings: 7 reasons you should try one

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Author Tom Wells explores the world of penis rings to find out all you need to know before trying one…

Penis rings are one of the most popular sex toys for men. It’s easy to see why. They are much less intimidating than a prostate massager or anal dildo and they can add to your pleasure during sex and masturbation. Many cock rings can even stimulate your partner during sex as well. But perhaps the biggest attraction is that penis rings can improve erection quality. Meaning you can enjoy solo or couple sex for longer.

Let’s explore some of the main benefits of penis vibrators and why you should give one a try.

We-Vibe Verge

We-Vibe Verge

cock ring

We-Vibe Pivot

  1. Erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment

There’s a lot of stigma around ED, but everyone has a right to pleasure. It could be just a one-time thing or a more serious condition but a penis ring is a simple answer to your erection woes. The penis ring slows the flow of blood leaving the penis, keeping you harder for longer. A penis ring will usually give fairly decent results as long as you can get at least partially hard. For more serious conditions, it may need to be combined with a penis pump.

  1. Stronger and longer-lasting erections

Non-ED sufferers can benefit from penis rings, too. Even if you are already completely erect, a cock ring can give you a slightly larger erection as blood is trapped in the penis. Penis vibrator can provide stimulation to the erogenous zones like the perineum that can also help keep you aroused for longer.

  1. Boost couple intimacy

Some wearable penis rings such as the Pivot by WeVibe provide clitoral stimulation. Wearing this type of cock ring can increase pleasure for both partners. This means that while the cock ring is stimulating the clitoris. Improved erection quality can also lead to longer and better sex.

  1. Make masturbation more exciting

A vibrating penis ring can heighten pleasure during masturbation. Vibrations can stimulate the penis and add to the enjoyment. You can even try holding the penis ring in your hand while you masturbate, creating a sort of vibrator for men. Start slow and don’t press too hard until you feel comfortable doing this. The vibrations will stimulate the nerve endings of the penis adding to your pleasure.

  1. Explore new erogenous zones

The perineum is the area between balls and anus. It’s highly sensitive and receptive to stimulation. Some penis rings can stimulate this area creating a very new type of sensation. The perineum is a gateway drug, as this it is actually stimulating the prostate indirectly. So if you are not ready to explore directly stimulating the prostate, then a cock ring with perineum stimulation like the Verge is a great way to get a feel for it.

6. Connect from a distance

Some cock rings such as the WeVibe Pivot and Verge feature custom remote controls. Through the We-Vibe app, your partner controls when and how you are simulated, all at the touch of a button. This can add some surprise to your relationship and give you partner a pleasant surprise when they are least expecting it.

7. Advanced: Mix and match

Once you are used to the penis ring, the fun doesn’t have to stop. You can combine it with another toy for more sensation. For example, if you combine a penis ring like Verge, that stimulates the perineum with a prostate massager like you may just find the ultimate orgasm.

That’s the great thing about wearables, they are hands-free so you can still use them for something else making them some of the best sex toys for men.

Penis ring guide & safety tips – what to know before you try

Using a penis ring should be fun, but there are a few safety tips you should know before you try it:

Penis ring safety tips:

  • Always make sure that you keep the toy nice and clean.
  • Use plenty of lube. Penis rings can be quite a snug fit, and to avoid any unwanted chafing it’s a good idea to use plenty of lube. 
  • As most toys on the market are silicon-based, use a water-based lube such as WeVibe’s to avoid damaging your toy.

How to use a penis ring

How you wear a penis ring depends on the make and model. For example for the Verge by WeVibe this is how to wear it. (Note that while there are adjustable penis rings on the market, the Verge is made of stretchy material, designed to fit automatically.)

  1. Apply a water-based lube to your penis and the ring
  2. Place your testicles through the opening one at a time, before you aroused
  3. Place your penis through the opening
  4. Explore alternative positions, (there are many ways to wear the Verge – so find what works for you)
  5. Choose your vibration mode
  6. Enjoy solo or with a partner

For other penis rings like the Pivot, you may have to place over your penis while erect. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before use.

Start enjoying penis rings today

Whether you are looking to add a little extra spark to your masturbation rituals or help your partner reach climax, penis rings can help. What is the best penis ring for you will ultimately depend on your preferences. The best way is to just dive straight in and try then out!

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