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Okay, so it’s a sex toy, right? Only it doesn’t look like any of the sex toys you’ve ever tried. And – AND – it doesn’t feel like any sex toy you’ve ever tried. In fact, it doesn’t even do the things other sex toys do.

Unlike its buzzin’ cousins, it doesn’t simply vibrate your bits: the LIBERTY stimulates with gentle suction and air flow that massages the clitoris without even touching it. The result? Very fast, very intense climaxes that leave you ready for more.

Pretty intriguing concept, right? Well, the final product of that particular pitch is very nearly a thing of pleasurable perfection. However, don’t just take it from us: reviewers have had their fun with LIBERTY, and they’re here to back us up.

Miss Ruby Reviews

“Pleasure-wise, the Liberty doesn’t fail me. Its touchless orgasms tend to come on QUICKLY, and they don’t leave me over-sensitive… which means I can head towards a new one fairly soon. No complaints on this front with the Liberty — satisfied sex blogger, here. This thing packs a wallop.”

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Venus O’Hara

Womanizer Liberty – Sex Toy Review

Cara Sutra

“The lowest setting is light and pleasant, getting slightly more intense each press of the + button.  The third setting has my toes curling and me gripping onto the bedding tightly to keep me anchored. The higher settings are just mind-blowing.

The first time you use it you will be surprised at just how quickly you can get off with the Womanizer Liberty. This isn’t a sex toy for long slow sessions of edging yourself. This is the toy if you want an orgasm and you want it now!”

Rating: 9/10

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Miss Jezebela

“In use, I got on well with the womanizer Liberty whilst using it solo. I love the kind of clitoral stimulation womanizer product’s provide, it feels like somewhere between gentle tapping and sucking, and it never fails to make me come. Intensity levels 1 to 3 were really gentle and I really enjoyed scrolling up and down through the three of them, edging myself to a delicious orgasm.”

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Womanizer LIBERTY

So, now are you convinced? If you think that LIBERTY is for you, don’t be shy – go on and get yourself one!

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