Self-Care Valentine’s Day: 10 things to make you feel good

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Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. In the name of self-love, celebrate yourself this year! Whoever said you’re not allowed to gift yourself on Valentine’s Day? Here are some inspirations!

Declutter to find your inner Zen

The home is the mirror of the soul, they say. Perhaps that explains why we tend to feel better in a clean and tidy domestic environment. So why not use Valentine’s Day to declutter that wardrobe? A good clear-out can help us wind down. You’ll feel lighter as soon as you’ve taken those old, unwanted items to the next clothing drive or given them away to friends.

Date with yourself

Design the perfect date and enjoy it alone. How about cooking your favorite meal just for yourself? Whilst you’re at it, light some candles and go watch that movie you’ve always wanted to see. Importantly, if you start to think “this date would be better together,” don’t worry, just deflect those thoughts and be grateful that you don’t have to make any compromises. After all, not every partner will be willing to watch that weird movie you picked. Just appreciate having those beautiful moments all to yourself.

Alone at the sauna

For some this may be the perfect way to end a solo date. If you’re having a little me-moment at home, the bathtub will do just fine. But for those seeking slightly more elevated experiences, the spa will be calling. Fortunately, the sauna is likely to be almost empty on Valentine’s, as many women will be spending the evening with their partners. Space. Steam. Silence. Bliss!

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Tackle that bucket list

If you’re more the active type, you could use February 14 to work on that bucket list of yours. There are probably quite a few things you’d like to try in life. And Valentine’s is the perfect opportunity to tick one or two of them off. Maybe you still haven’t booked your dream trip or had that tattoo you’ve always wanted? We’ve all got a lot of dreams, and some of these could easily become reality on Valentine’s Day. It certainly helps that the date is harder to forget.

Just say thank you

It’s the day of love – so tell your loved ones just how thankful you are to have them in your life. How about writing a letter to your mother or a WhatsApp message to your best friend!? Maybe your neighbor deserves some flowers. Those who give love, get love.

Be a child (again)

The stories you listened to as a child are still fun. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and many other classics are available on YouTube and most streaming services. Just cancel your duties for the day, relax on the sofa and return to the tales from your past. Feelings of nostalgia will warm your heart, foster creativity and put you back in touch with your inner child.

Research for social engagement

We are all aware of multiple worldwide crises. Help is needed everywhere, all the time. So where do you start? You could use Valentine’s Day to research organizations and make a donation to a charity of your choice at the end of the evening. Or even look into becoming an active member of a club to help in other ways

Don’t forget the flowers

Forget about those clichéd roses! Instead, buy yourself some beautiful, colorful flowers. Every time you look at nature’s arrangement you’ll instantly feel better. And for once, don’t worry about the money. The more beautiful they are, the more flowers can cost, but you’re worth it!

Write in your diary

It can be a lovely ritual to pick a date each year to write a diary entry. Perhaps you want to contemplate some essential questions, such as where you are in your life? Or where you see yourself in a year’s time? Or perhaps you want to reflect on the things you like about yourself and which others value about you? However, you don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve – February 14 is just as good a day to pick up your diary, read some entries from the previous year and then write another. Best of all, it will help you to cement your thoughts and feelings.

Toy Party

Oh yes! Valentine’s Day is an ideal opportunity to celebrate your sexuality. How about throwing yourself a little sex toy party, maybe even with your girlfriends? When you’re with the right people, it’s so much fun to exchange views on sex toys and find new inspiration for one’s love life. Now that’s a girl’s night with atmosphere!

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