The Sex Diet: Shake Off The Winter Weight In Bed

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Hands up those of us with tighter waistbands after a holiday season full of candy, cookies and generous serves of egg nog. First things first, it’s no big deal – and definitely not a good reason for overly optimistic gym pledges or fitness resolutions. There’s another way to get you out of that winter slump – and it’s a lot more fun than the gym too…

What the sex diet can do for you

Sex is fun, sex is beautiful and sex will help you feel a bit more like your old self. Why? If you regularly rumple the sheets, you’ll burn more than a few calories. Endorphins are also released, which puts us in a good mood and stimulates blood circulation, which in turn ensures a rosy complexion. There’s no question: sex is a miracle cure and therefore a particularly good New Year’s resolution. Adding bedroom eat while losing pounds? Sounds great to me!

The University of Quebec has published a study on this topic. To effectively measure the energy consumption during sex, 21 couples between 18 and 35 years participated. The result: men burn an average of 4.2 kcal per minute during the act, while women burn no less than 3.1 kcal. After half an hour of mattress exercise, an average of 126 and 93 kcal are burned – which is roughly equivalent to the calorie content of a banana or a small chocolate bar.

This shows that sex is not quite as effective in terms of losing weight as intensive gym sessions, but there’s no doubt they’re more fun. This in turn ensures that we don’t want to throw in the towel as quickly as when we go to the gym. And that is actually a big deal, isn’t it?

Golden rules of the sex diet

Most importantly, if you want to get your blood really pumping with this method, you should have sex regularly so that the whole thing has a visible effect. So the motto here is: there’s no such thing as too much. And, the more unusual and intense the position, the bigger the fitness booster.

If you are in a hurry to lose a few pounds after the holidays, you might prefer eating out rather than dining in…yes, we mean that kind of eating out. One thing always leads to another so how many calories are finally burned depends on the session. Here is a small overview:

The missionary position: In this classic sex position, the man is the active role and his abdominal muscles and thighs are especially worked out.
Calorie consumption: approx. 600 kcal/hour

The cowgirl: The woman sits on top and gets a workout for her back muscles. Whether on top or not, a few calories are burned by the even smaller movements.
Calorie consumption: ca.300 kcal/hour

Sex standing up: Okay, granted, standing sex is usually a pretty shaky affair and comfort is not guaranteed. But, if you manage to make love standing up for a while, you will be rewarded, because both partners engage a lot of muscle groups.
Calorie consumption: approx. 50 kcal/minute

The spoon: Of course, this position is more relaxed, since you’re lying down and enjoying yourself. The good news is that even in the small spoon position you do something for your fitness – without having to exert yourself too much.
Calorie consumption: approx. 28 kcal/minute

Intense make outs: You don’t even have to shed your clothes to burn calories with the sex diet – intensive make outs are enough. After all, if you canoodle passionately for an hour, you will burn a respectable 300 calories. When the lips meet, the heart beats faster, the pulse races, endorphins are released – and energy consumption increases.

The orgasm as a calorie killer

And now someone begins to moan that singles without regular sex are probably totally disadvantaged with this very special diet, but here is some good news: according to scientists, having an intense orgasm alone burns a lot of calories. And there’s no reason you can’t experience this during solo sex. To be a bit more precise, women burn about 300 calories during orgasm! During a climax up to 500 muscles are tensed. Men only burn about 150 calories during masturbation. However, during solo sex, the hormone testosterone is released. This in turn has a positive influence on the build-up of muscle mass. These gadjets could lead you to your next orgsm – just check it out!

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A further advantage is that regular orgasms can help against ravenous appetite, because orgasms help regulate the stress hormone cortisol. Stress eaters rejoice, as a regulated cortisol production means more control over your appetite. And quite honestly: What can distract you more from chips and pizza than a little fun in bed?

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