Sex on business trips: two businesswomen tell all

Sex on business trips

Business trips are not just about business encounters. Or in other words: Some (hot) negotiations are transferred to the hotel room and carried out between the sheets. This is not a cliché, as two business women who travel a lot reveal in an interview. Let’s call them Anna and Bea…

Be honest: have you ever had sex on a business trip – perhaps even with a complete stranger?

A: I used to work as a management consultant. You usually work in teams and end up spending most of your week with the same people – all day long. Then, in the evening you often see your team members again at the hotel bar…There was this one project in Italy though where I fell in love with a colleague. I instantly felt a connection between us, but at the beginning tried to avoid giving in to it. But it was bound to happen, sooner or later. We ended up in a hotel room together. I didn’t sleep with him, though, because I was worried the rest of the team would find out and start talking.

B: I regularly travel for business, which I don’t actually enjoy. I just don’t like spending additional time with colleagues in the evening to talk yet more about work. At the same time, you can start to feel lonely when you’re sitting in a hotel room all by yourself in a foreign city. Because I’m single and hetero, apps such as Tinder are great for me. It means I can go and meet men even in conservative cities such as Munich or Zurich. That’s how I met Marius last summer. I instantly liked him. And because I travelled to the same city every week, we frequently spent time together after our first date. After a beautiful evening with cocktails, that’s how we ended up in my hotel room.

Were your encounters satisfying or rather disappointing?

A: The thing with my colleague turned out to be a disappointment. A few weeks after the incident at the hotel, I found out that he was engaged. If I had known, I would have never let it get that far.

B: The tension between Marius and I increased date after date. It was like some endless foreplay. On the day we finally had sex, I had been looking forward to seeing him all day and had become extremely nervous. After sharing a few intense kisses, we went to my hotel room and from there things just happened really fast. Our chemistry was perfect – even in bed. It was a fantastic night. If I hadn’t been assigned to a different city a few weeks later, maybe we would have started a longer relationship.

The hotel bar: cliché or place for lonely hearts on business trips to meet?

A: As a team, we spent many evenings in hotel bars, because work usually finished late and by then we were all too tired to go somewhere else. However, I’ve never perceived the hotel bar as a place for flirtation. It was just an opportunity to relax for an hour over some food and wine.

B: I tried to avoid hotel bars. I usually just saw older, desperate-looking men hanging around there waiting for another drink or their next no-strings-attached sexual experience. Most women there were typical gold diggers. Unsurprisingly, dating apps became much more interesting for me.

Is infidelity just ‘business as usual’ on these trips?

A: Honestly, I’ve never experienced it myself. However, a good friend of mine – also a management consultant – is an enthusiastic cheater when away on business trips. He married his high school sweetheart early in life and doesn’t find much pleasure at home anymore. Accordingly, he’s grateful for any action he can get on the side.

B: I believe it’s a cliché.

Do you get chatted up more on business trips?

B: I don’t think it happens any more often during business travel than during any other holiday. Rather, I think my business suit creates a certain distance that establishes a level of respect with others.

What annoys you the most as a traveling businesswoman?

A: I’m annoyed that I hardly get any time to myself. You’re constantly in some “unnatural” environment and I’d rather be at home with my friends. The time that passes on business trips always seems wasted to me. I can’t use it the way I would like to use my time.

Traveling on business can be rather unsexy. How can you turn yourself on? What tips do you have for others?

A: I usually pack some luxurious body care products and take a hot bath at the hotel. I turn up the room temperature and lie down naked on the hotel’s silky sheets. If I feel like it, I touch myself.

B: I often have daydreams of men I meet during business trips. On stressful days, I try to apply a nice-smelling body lotion and I like to wear luxurious underwear beneath my suit. An erotic fantasy of mine is to be “ready” at all times.

Could masturbation be a means to reduce stress during a busy trip?

A: Absolutely. It’s like a form of mediation for me. But you have to actively make some time for it, which isn’t easy as a management consultant. The client usually expects us to be available round the clock.

B: Totally. I like to meet new people during travel – socializing in the evening actually helps me to calm down from a stressful day. And if I happen to fancy someone there, it helps to stimulate my fantasy…

What about sex toys – trusted travel companion or no-go?

A: For me, they’re a trusted companion. I’m usually exhausted by evening, but at the same time, I crave physical relaxation through sex. Because my orgasms tend to be faster and more intensive when using sex toys, I’ve made it a habit to always carry my favorite one with me.

B: Not always, but increasingly so. I have a rather lively imagination and enjoy touching myself. A sex toy can be a nice change and helps me to climax more intensely.

What functions does a sex toy need to have for you to take it on a business trip?

B: It should be small and discrete in design so it doesn’t really get noticed by colleagues or during security check at the airport. It’s also important that the toy doesn’t accidentally turn on by itself. It should have a locking mechanism or a cap. Because I like intensive stimulation, I need a toy that also provides powerful performance, like the Womanizer Liberty.

Why would you choose a sex toy over sex with a man or a woman?

A: From time to time, and especially when I’m tired in the evening, I really just need a “me moment”. When I’m feeling like this, another person’s company would actually annoy me, even if that does sounds strange at first. Sometimes it’s wonderful to just focus on yourself.

B: I wouldn’t. One and the other are completely complementary and both have their place…

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