Silver Sex: The Top 5 Positions for Sex When You’re Older

Silver Sex

When it comes to getting intimate, it’s important to be flexible – not literally, though! Being open to trying new things and new positions can be just the thing when you are working around an injury, stiff joints, or have trouble with too much lifting and moving around. Whether you’re older or not, intimacy can keep life exciting and maintain that connection with your partner.

In honor of Silver Sex month, we have the best positions to try when you want to leave the acrobatics to the younger generation.

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Facing Forward

When you have a tendency towards stiff joints or need to take the pressure off your hips, adding a wedge pillow is always a good idea. In this position, one partner lies forward with their hips raised by a pillow. The other partner can then enter from behind from either a comfortable standing or kneeling position. This position is great for feeling comfortable, but it also allows for intense penetration and stimulation. Sounds like a win-win!

Top Tip: If you don’t have a wedge pillow on hand, try folding a standard bed pillow in half so that it forms a triangle.

sex positions for older people

Scissors Sessions

No, not that type of scissors. The scissor position is actually one that is easier than it looks. It also allows for greater control over your hips – and keeps your weight spread evenly over the length of the side of your body. There is no undue pressure on your hips and each partner can slow things down whenever they need to.

Top Tip: If you’re comfortable enough, one partner can try sitting up while the other stays reclined. This can help you put a little more oomph behind your strokes.

sex positions for older people

Missionary Magic

It’s a classic position for a reason and, with a few adjustments, it’s easy to make it a little more accessible too. One partner lies on their back with their legs spread. The legs can either be raised or placed with the feet on the bed. The partner lies between their legs and can either kneel for easier penetration, or they can stand beside the bed for a more comfortable position.

Top Tip: To make sure the position is comfortable for both partners, one partner can lie a bit closer to the edge of the bed. This ensures adds the option for the other partner to rest their knees against their bed.

sex positions for older people

Big Spoon, Little Spoon

Spooning isn’t only just for snuggling after sex, it’s also a great position for the act itself. With the potential for each partner to rest comfortably on their side, spooning can ensure no one gets sore or loses momentum by needing to switch positions. Whether you’re older or not, this is the perfect position to feel extra close to your partner.

Top Tip: Use your hands too. Another benefit of spooning is that the hands are usually free enough to do a little more stimulating. Reach forward and pay a little more attention to the sensitive spots on the front of our partner’s body.

sex positions for older people

Take a Seat

We all love to take a load off and rest our feet now and then and that’s no different when it comes to sex. Grab an armchair with solid armrests and you’re good to go. One partner sits down in the chair while the other sits over them, allowing for penetration from underneath. Like spooning, this position is also great because the hands are kept free for a little extra playtime.

Top Tip: The other bonus of the chair position is that the partner sitting on top can reach between their legs and below to stimulate their partner too.

sex positions for older people

Add Some Accessories

Sometimes there isn’t the perfect position that covers both partner’s needs. But that’s no reason to pack up and head home. This just means it is the perfect time for some creativity. And the perfect addition for that is a toy. Whether you want to play with a cute mini vibrator or try a more intense wand massager, the right toy can give your more sensual moments that extra buzz!

Top Tip: For precise stimulation, try an angled bullet vibe like the We-Vibe Tango X. It’ll hit the spot, without needing too much moving around or adjustments.

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