Female ejaculation: How does it work?

squirting female ejaculation

Have you ever heard of “squirting”? We’re talking about female ejaculation of course. Thanks to exaggerated portrayals of female ejaculation in porn movies, many women think they’re not capable of it. “Wrong,” says Mariah Freya, an expert and founder of the online platform Beducated.com. According to Freya, every woman is capable of squirting. And here’s how.

Let’s start with the theory. Squirting is colloquially used to describe female ejaculation. Upon stimulation of the bladder and the region surrounding the g-spot during sex or masturbation, the vagina is capable of releasing fluid. “Scientists assume that the female prostate, the Skene’s gland, is responsible for this,” Freya explains.

What is female ejaculation?

Contrary to some expectations, the fluid is neither urine nor cervical mucus. “The liquid is entirely colorless”, according to Freya. However, it may contain some urine because it is produced in the urethra. Nevertheless, it’s a discrete fluid with a unique biochemical composition. Rather than asking “what is female ejaculation”, a better question might be “what can female ejaculation offer me?”

Female ejaculation: can you practice that?

For a female orgasm ejaculation is not necessary – but can be very pleasurable and add different sensations. Every woman is capable of squirting, which means that squirting can be practiced – with a partner for example. Freya explains how: “After foreplay, gently insert middle and ring finger into the vagina using a little lubricant. Place the smooth surface of the two fingers onto the g-spot and start moving them up and down. The movement should come out of the shoulders.”

You could also try and experience female ejaculation during solo sex. One variation is the so-called “come here” technique, according to Freya. “Lightly bend one or two fingers and roll them across the g-spot, as if you’re trying to lure it forward.” Most women would describe the sensation as a pressure on their bladder or their bladder feeling full. Just try and give into the moment, she advises. “It’s best if you place a towel beneath you so you don’t need to worry about making a wet mess and can really take your time.”

The top priority when it comes to female ejaculation is: take it easy! And if you’re looking for some extra g-spot stimulation, you can use special toys.

The art of female ejaculation – what’s it all about?

“For a woman being able to squirt during ejaculation just like a man may have a special appeal,” explains Freya of Beducated.com. However, “I wouldn’t say that it makes sex a better experience.” That’s down to individual sensation, according to the expert. “Personally, I found new sexual possibilities and lust perception through [squirting].” Like any practice, the art of female ejaculation can take a little while to finetune, so be patient and have fun!

Squirting – don’t get stressed out!

However, piling on the pressure to ejaculate is counterproductive. “The goal during sex is neither a huge orgasm nor squirting,” Freya says. “In the end, it’s about enjoying time with yourself or a partner.” Right on!

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By the way, hard to believe but true: there’s a “queen of squirting” who holds the world record in the discipline. Her name is Lola Jean and we’ve spoken to her.

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