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When it comes to female-friendly sexuality and faith, it doesn’t get much better than Taoism. The practice of this unique sexual theory dates back centuries but is experiencing a popular resurgence. And we say, “why not?” when it comes to putting the spotlight back on equality in pleasure.

Everything in harmony

Although the religion itself has many diverse and established practices, one of the most fascinating aspects is its attitude to sexuality. Some schools once advocated strict celibacy, while others held ceremonial weddings with gods or practiced ritual orgies.

In one early movement, women in the movement held a lot of power and were essential in the guodu (“rites of passage”) sexual initiation rituals. One of the most well-known is the sexual ritual of “harmonizing the energies”, which involved all community members – married or not – in ceremonial sex.

When it comes to Taoism, the importance of balance and harmony means that the male and female participants take up Yin-Yang roles during sex. Energy is shared and the male releases his vitality (known as “qi”) when he comes. For this reason, males are taught to hold on and try to delay ejaculation as much as possible.

What else is involved?

Another notable ritual celebrated by Taoists is held on new moons. Partners sit closely with their eyes and mouths aligned before getting intimate and this is to indicate the meeting of yin and yang.

Nowadays, the teachings of Taoism have been adapted by sexual therapists around the world to help encourage a healthier and more collaborative attitude between couples towards sex. Although they stem from different faiths, there are similarities to Tantric practices. Both encourage the power of delayed and sustained orgasms, as well employing different styles of meditation during sex itself to make sure partners remain connected and in the moment.

So how do you get started?

There’s no need to become a Taoist master in order to test out Taoist practices in your own bedroom. Simple techniques as conscious breathing and mindfulness are enough to get your started and thinking about sex from a Taoist angle. If you’re looking to take things to another level, perhaps involve a toy like the We-Vibe Sync. Check it out here for more details!

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