The 12 Best Festive Sex Positions That’ll Turn Ho-ho-ho into Oh-oh-ohhh…


Spending time together with a cup of hot mulled wine and candles. Sound like a perfect evening for two? We think so too! The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate love in the bedroom… or under the Christmas tree. Here are the top 12 festive sex positions… So what are you waiting for?   

Have a Very Moxie Holiday!

Unwrap the magic of Moxie this Christmas. This one is more playtime than a specific position. Your partner simply slips on We-Vibe’s Moxie – a silky smooth wearable panty vibrator and let the games begin. With the We-Vibe app, you can control the intensity to surprise and stimulate the one you love. Enjoy a whole new take on foreplay by the fireplace and see how long your partner can last before it’s time to really heat things up. ‘Tis the season to tease!


The Nutcracker

The presents are wrapped, the stockings are hung…and you catch that glimmer in your partner’s eye. That special twinkle that says, right here, right now. The Nutcracker is all about the heat of the moment. Make a lusty move with We-Vibe’s Vector to stimulate both the prostate and perineum for that extra wow factor.

With the Vector in place, stand behind your partner, bending them slightly forward over a table. Holding onto their hips helps control how deep and intense you want to connect. Plus, your partner can turn and look you in the eye for that added sparkle of intimacy. Tis the season for spontaneous sex!

Under Wraps

The holiday season is all about spending quality time with the one you love. But when it comes to pleasure, why stay home and play nice when you can get naughty ‘out and about’? Keep your partner’s special package Under Wraps for discreet play wherever the mood strikes. Want to make Christmas shopping a bit more…tingly? Or watch your partner blush while sipping mulled wine at the Christmas market?

Slide on We-Vibe’s Bond – a wearable stimulation ring controlled by the We-Vibe app. Build anticipation for what’s to come by controlling sensations from afar – but remember, it might get hard to stay in public too long.

Turn the Tables

Turned on? Then Turn the Tables! This position brings sexercise into the bedroom. We-Vibe’s Pivot makes a pleasure assist as the vibrating couple’s ring for shared sensations. One partner gets into a bridge position. The other slips on the Pivot and cradles their partner’s thighs with the option to grip harder for more control. With easy-to-use buttons, the Pivot vibrates for hands free fun. You can focus on thrusting as deep as you like while building rhythm together. It’s a bit of a workout, but you get the added benefit of burning off that pumpkin pie you ate for breakfast.

Santa’s Slaaaay Ride

You don’t need snow for Santa’s Slaaaaay Ride. A Christmas twist on the reverse cowgirl classic, this position is all about serving G-spot joy. One partner sits on top, facing away from the other partner. Being the slaaaay rider allows for finding the perfect angle for G-spot love! The other partner can thrust upward or simply lay back and get slaaaayed.

A must have for this position is We-Vibe’s Verge for perineum stimulation – both partners get off on the deep vibrations while riding to ecstasy. Whether in bed or in front of the fireplace, this position will have you dashing through the big ‘O’.

Keep Calm and Kegel On

The holiday season can get a bit hectic with shopping, socializing with friends and visiting family. Need a little inspo to regroup? Keep Calm and Kegel On helps makes your spirit bright with some much needed me-time. Get cozy with your favorite sweater and light some candles for that extra glow.

Find a comfy position and insert We-Vibe’s Bloom into your vagina and squeeze. Release, squeeze, release. Breathe in and out to incorporate mindfulness. This vibrating Kegel ball helps strengthen the pelvic floor and can lead to stronger orgasms. Good for the body and the mind.

Heavenly Choir

Make your naughty bits sing with the Heavenly Choir. This position is the answer to staying connected during the busy holiday season. Surprise your sexy someone on Christmas Eve with a We-Vibe Chorus. Invite them to lay back while you place this wearable vibrator inside to easily find the perfect fit. Since the Chorus is designed to be worn during sex, you can join in on the pleasure for shared, deep orgasms. Turn fa-la-la-la into ooo-la-la!

Jingle Balls

Jingle Balls says it all. Maybe it’s late and the mulled wine is flowing, but you’re both still in the mood. Let We-Vibe’s Sync do the work for you. One partner sits upright while the other reverses back, wrapping or extending their legs. Fitting snugly between both of you, this wearable couple’s vibrator rumbles for clitoral, G-spot and well…jingle ball stimulation. For those relaxed holiday moments, spice it up with Sync.


It’s Christmas morning and you still have some time before family arrives. Make XXXMas all about sexploring. Sip on hot chocolate and stay in bed just a little while longer.

Play with the art of seduction using We-Vibe’s Touch as you caress your partner from head-to-toe. Discover new ways to turn them on with nipple play or use the Touch as a lay-on vibrator while you tease and tantalize. Take the time with Touch this XXXMas – the possibilities are endless.

8 Crazy Nights

8 Crazy Nights invites you and your partner to go buck wild. Instead of clearing the plates, serve dessert twice with We-Vibe’s Melt. Lay your partner back on the table and guide their legs upright. Position yourself standing to give smooth and versatile stimulation while they add Melt’s Pleasure Air technology for soft clitoral kisses. Consider Melt to be that very special guest star this holiday season.

Dirty Dancing

Nobody puts baby in the corner this Christmas. Instead, get cozy in bed or make a love nest in front of the fire. Cuddle up and Dirty Dance down your partner’s body with We-Vibe’s Tango X. More than just a bullet vibrator, this toy massages every curve and sensual spot – sending shivers to create a very Merry Christmas for all and to all an orgasmic night!

Raving Around the Christmas Tree

The ultimate climax to Christmas! Rave (or rock) around the Christmas tree with We-Vibe’s Rave. First, get down by going down on your partner. While you taste, tickle and tease, they can make some sexy dance moves on you with this unique G-spot vibrator. For mutual stimulation, this is the oh-so-better version of sixty-nine. The Rave twists and turns to deliver toe-curling G-spot orgasms…let it O, let it O, let it O!

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