The Best Sex Toys for Women

best sex toys for women

For many people, sex toys have become part of a fulfilled love life and the market for them is huge. Which means: Those who have the choice are spoilt for choice. There are toys especially for women, for men or for couples and all of them have features that are designed for very specific needs. Especially when it comes to sex toys for women, there is a large selection – from various vibrators to clitoral stimulators. You do not know what suits you? Here is a small overview of the best sex toys especially for you!

A few years ago, the issue of choice was not an issue. There was the one classic vibrator that playful women enjoyed. Today it is different. Today’s toys have sophisticated technologies and are designed to satisfy all female needs at the touch of a button. Want some inspiration?

Classic vibrators, pads, wearables – the best sex toys for her

If you think back to the cult series “Sex and the City”, you might remember how at the end of the 1990s Carrie & Co. were chatting excitedly about sensual hours with their vibrator. That may have been a while ago, but of course vibrators are still among the most popular sex toys for women. However, they can now do more than just vaginal stimulation. Modern vibrators are equipped with many technical highlights that are aimed at the different needs of women.

The classic vibrator in new designs

Well-proven things outlast time, therefore the classic vibrator in phallus form is still in demand by many women. The rod vibrator primarily stimulates the inside of the vagina, but clitoris, breasts or other erogenous zones can also be pampered with it. Models such as the wall of We-Vibe may look like a vibrator that might have had a role in “Sex and the City”, but it can do much more than its predecessor from the 90s. Not only does it have power that Carrie, Samantha and the others could only have dreamed of, it also has a very special feature: flowing intensity levels. This means that it only takes a single keystroke to increase or dim the intensity of the vibrations. No annoying switching around, just enjoy. Other features such as Smart Silence™ (the toy only starts on physical contact) or the We-Connect app, which ensures that the partner can switch on from a distance, also show that the good old sextoy classics have a lot to offer today.

Rabbit vibrators – one for twice the fun

Vaginal stimulation or rather clitoral? So-called rabbit vibrators can do both – and that makes them particularly popular sex toys for women! These combi-vibrators are inserted into the vagina on the one hand, but at the same time they stimulate the clitoris with a teat and this ensures particularly intense orgasms. An especially luxurious model in this category is the Womanizer DUO, because its simultaneous stimulation works with the patented Pleasure Air™ Technology, which pampers the clitoris with gentle air vibrations. At the same time it is a vibrator with power and with all the additional highlights such as Smart Silence™ Technology and a long running time.

Wand by We-Vibe

We-Vibe Wand

Seamless intensity control can take you from 0 to 100 with one touch.

Womanizer DUO o diaries

Womanizer DUO

DUO delivers the perfect blend of clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

With the new We-Vibe Nova 2 there is now a particularly sporty version of a rabbit vibrator, because the toy is super flexible. And this is exactly what makes the improved successor of the We-Vibe Nova so special: Thanks to its adjustable shape and its flexible vibration arm, Nova 2 adapts perfectly to the individual body. AND: The stimulation arm remains in constant contact with the clitoris – no matter how wild the simultaneous G-spot stimulation is…

We-Vibe nova 2

We-Vibe Nova 2

Lay-on vibrators – the way of many women to orgasm

Numerous studies prove: The majority of women climax more often through clitoral than vaginal stimulation. Therefore, lay-on vibrators are among the most popular and best sex toys for women. Lay-on vibrators stimulate the clitoris either by vibration or pressure waves. The clitoris is gently sucked in and stimulated by air vibrations without contact. The big advantage of this variant: there is no over-stimulation and no habituation effect. Especially women who have difficulty reaching orgasm through vaginal penetration benefit from this sex toy. The toys are now available in the luxury version such as the Womanizer™ PREMIUM or slightly cheaper models – for example from Romp – but all of them are equipped with the patented Pleasure Air™ Technology.

That’s why sextoys improve the love life of many women

The fact is that women generally have a harder time getting orgasm than men. There are many reasons for this. One of them is that many women find it difficult to really let themselves go during sex. In addition, many women don’t really know their own body, so they don’t know what they want or need. One key to a better love life is masturbation. In doing so, women not only get to know their own erogenous zones, but can also concentrate on themselves and their own lust. With the help of suitable sextoys the way to more self-love is not only more intense, but also really fun. Those who test themselves through the different models will find out what is the very personal way to more sexual fulfillment.

womanizer premium

Womanizer PREMIUM

The Womanizer Premium is sensual, slender and ergonomically shaped.



ROMP Wave is not only attractive, but also very intensive…

The Womanizer PREMIUM feeling

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