The Best Sex Toys of 2019

best sex tooys 2019

In our research we have come across exciting toys again and again – and of course, we tried them all. So, it’s high time for a review. Allow us to introduce the Best Sex Toys of 2019… or our personal faves at least. 

We-Vibe Moxie

Moxie Wearable Vibrator

The idea behind this sex toy is ingenious: The wearable vibrator can be unobtrusively secured in your underwear and remain invisible under your clothes. So you can wear the little vibrator all day and enjoy yourself with the help of a remote control. But since the little smart toy can also be controlled via the app, your partner can take control from afar  and control the MOXIE too. For example, if you’re currently sitting in the train or shopping or in the office, your partner can let you know they’re thinking of you. Sneaky yet sexy… 

womanizer DUO

DUO clitoral and G-spot stimulator

This toy really took our reviewer’s breath away. The Womanizer DUO promises so much  namely clitoral stimulation with the help of gentle air vibrations, as well as simultaneous intensive G-spot stimulation. And the promise is kept. The DUO offers 12 intensity levels, 10 different vibration modes and the Smart Silence Technology on top of that. The levels can be started independently of each other. For example, you can start with vaginal stimulation and then simply switch on the clitoral later. Because of the many variations, you should first familiarize yourself with the toy. But even when just getting to know the DUO, you’ll still be sure to have a great time. 

We-Vibe Sync

Sync Under the Stars

Real connoisseurs are in the know – the SYNC by We-Vibe is not a novelty from the year 2019. But its limited edition “SYNC under the Stars” is. The popular and successful pair vibrator comes in a new, cool garb. Of course, the numerous features have remained. First and foremost, the flexible design: this couples’ vibrator adapts perfectly to the individual body shapes, stimulates both the G-spot and clitoris, as well as the shaft of the penis. Whether with remote control or smartphone: this small toy can be controlled easily and is a compactexciting upgrade for the love life of numerous couples. 

womanizer premium

PREMIUM clitoral stimulator

In a smart new outfit, the PREMIUM shows a new side this year. This all-rounder has so far been available in black, red and white  now the trendy colors of Raspberry and Blueberry are online too. The special feature? These colors are no coincidence. They are based on feedback from countless testers. The Womanizer brand has its own global tester pool and their opinion obviously matters. The new color options from PREMIUM are the best proof of this. What else can the toy do except look pretty? Essentially everything. PREMIUM has the Autopilot function, so the gentle air vibrations (Pleasure Air Technology) then become more intense, sometimes softer. This means you have fun without having to do anything yourself. The toy takes control and keeps you on your toes with changing levels of intensity. The motto: Let yourself be surprised and enjoy! 

We-Vibe Vector

Vector prostate stimulator

For a long time, anal toys were popular only in the gay community. But now a change has occurred and more and more heterosexual men (and women) are discovering anal stimulation for themselves. That’s wonderful, good and healthy! One from the latest generation of anal toys is the VECTOR by We-Vibe. It was developed with a leading prostate stimulation expert – hence the unique shape. Vibrations massage not only the anal area, but also the sensitive perineal region and the prostate. This is called the G-spot of the man. Properly stimulated, for example by VECTOR, men, no matter what their sexual orientation, can experience new heights. And they deserve that! 

Melt for couples

This is the first Pleasure Air stimulator designed for couples and nothing like this has ever appeared on the market before. Its special feature? The MELT has been designed to be slim and elegant enough that it can easily be handled with one hand and at the same time fits perfectly between two people – no matter the position. The MELT offers 10 intensity levels and can also be controlled by smartphone  perfect for foreplay and for adding more intimacy between two people. 

Womanizer STARLET

STARLET clitoral stimulator

Small, handy, pretty – but WOAH! The STARLET definitely leaves a strong impression. The toy is perfect for all adventurous women who have always wanted to try a sex toy. The intuitive handling is very simple, the two buttons are easy to reach, so you don’t need a second hand and the four perfectly balanced intensity levels make the toy a must-have. Plus, the STARLET is waterproof, so if you feel like a long, relaxing bath… go ahead! 

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