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No topic has fascinated humanity quite like sex has. Unsurprisingly, over time we’ve developed an entire vocabulary to describe the wide variety of sexual positions, preferences and practices. Now you can become a SEXpert too with our SEXicon!

Ever engaged in a Finnish sleigh ride? Be careful, perhaps the term describes a husky holiday in Muonio after all? We’ve collected the most common and unusual terms on love, sex and tenderness in our sex lexicon so you know what’s what.


A-Spot = female pleasure spot at the back of the vagina.

AC/DC = another terms for bisexual

Age Play = role play during which a partner pretends to be a different age

Anal Sex, or: anal intercourse= insertion of the penis into the anus

Anilingus, or: Rimming, Rim-Job= sexual practice during which anus and perineum are being stimulated with the lips and tongue

Aphrodisiac = medium to increase sexual pleasure

Asexual = lack of sexual attraction towards others


Bare Blank Blowjob = oral intercourse without the use of a condom

Barebacking = unprotected intercourse

Bastinado, or: Foot whipping = hitting a person’s bare foot soles as a method of punishment to derive sexual pleasure

BDSM = erotic bondage games and practice of deriving pleasure from painful and submissive games

bisexual or: bi = being sexually or emotionally attracted to both men and women

Blowjob = oral sex

Bondage = practice of submission and bondage games to derive sexual pleasure

Brothel, or: bordello = an establishment where prostitutes provide sexual services

Bukkake = sex act during which multiple men ejaculate on another person

Butt Plug, or: anal plug, = small dildo which is inserted into the anus. Butt plugs can be used to stretch the anus in preparation for anal sex and are often used to provide sexual stimulation.


CATposition = sex position considered to be a more ‘intensive’ missionary position

Casual sex = occasional sex between two partners who are not in a romantic relationship

Caviar = alternative for feces

Chinese Sleigh Ride, or: Finnish sleigh ride = sex position during which a man kneels down and lifts the pelvis of a women onto his upper thighs. He then penetrates her, whilst kneeling between her thighs.

Cock Ring = ring placed around the penis, glans or balls to intensify or prolong the male erection

Coitus a Tergo = summary term for multiple sex positions during which one partner eyes the other’s back

Coitus Interruptus = old-school and outdated method of natural contraception during which a man pulls his penis out of the vagina before ejaculating

Coming-out = self-disclosure towards one’s sexual orientation (e.g. homosexuality)

Corporal Punishment = punishment of a partner through infliction of pain → Spanking

Cream Pie = pornography scene depicting male ejaculation inside a vagina or anus without use of a condom

Cross-dresser = a person who enjoys to wear clothing and accessories typical for the opposite sex

Cuckold = a man in a committed relationship who derives sexual pleasure from his partner engaging in intimate contact with other men

Cunnilingus = stimulation of clitoris, labium and vulva using the tongue or lips

Cum Shot = ejaculation onto the body of a partner, often onto the face

Cybersex, or: CS = virtual sex via the Internet using a web cam or text messaging


Deep Throat, or: Gagging= a variation of oral sex during which the penis or dildo is inserted into the throat until a gag reflex sets in

Dental Dam =  piece of rubber used during oral sex to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. The dental dam is placed across the vulva or anus.

Devot = German for submissive partner

Dildo = sex toy resembling the size and shape of the male penis

Dirty Talk = use of explicit and often dirty words during sex to increase sexual pleasure

Dogging = outdoor sex

Doggy-Style = Sex from behind on all fours

Double-Penetration, or: DP = simultaneous penetration of the anus and vagina


Energy Orgasm = orgasm without touch

Electro Sex, or: E6, E-Sex = sex with machines, e.g. breast pumps

Electro Plug, or E-plug = an electronic à Butt Plug

Erotic Lactation = act of breast feeding a grown partner for sexual stimulation

Exhibitionism = deriving sexual pleasure from being watched by strangers during the sexual act. Counterpart to àVoyeurism


Face Sitting, or: Queening = sexual practice during which one partner sits on the face of another to receive oral stimulation

Feeding = deriving sexual pleasure from feeding a partner

Felching = sexual practice of orally sucking out ejaculated semen from a partner’s vagina or anus

Fellatio = oral sex (stimulation of the male sex organ)

Female Domination, or: Femdom = when a woman dominates during sex

Fetish = deriving sexual pleasure through use of certain objects, materials or body parts, e.g. foot fetish

Finger = sexual stimulation of the vulva, vagina or anus using the fingers or hand

Fisting=  insertion of the fist into the anus or vagina

Flagellation, or: Flag =  act of whipping to derive sexual pleasure

Flogger = special whip with multiple soft strings which is often used during à Flagellation

Flower sex = soft, tender sex with foreplay

Foot job = stimulation of the penis using one’s feet

French = oral sex

Frotteur = someone who derives sexual satisfaction from rubbing him/herself on others


G-Spot = pleasure spot of the female body

Gang Bang = group sex

Gender = societal sex; society’s attribution of characteristics based on a person’s biological sex

German = missionary position

Gilf = attractive older woman (retirement age) (“Grandmother I’d like to fuck”)

Girlfriend Sex, or GF6, GFX = intimate sex, akin to sex with a romantic partner

Golden Shower = sexual practice of urinating onto a partner to derive pleasure → Urolagnia

Gonzo = pornography film consisting of sex scenes without context or story

Greek = anal sex

Gripof Cleopatra = sexual practice during which a woman contracts her vaginal muscles to massage the inserted penis


Hand Job= hand stimulation of the penis

Hentai= pornographic animeand manga

Heterosexual= female likes male, male likes female

Homosexual = female likes female, male likes male

Husband Stitch = sexist term describing the surgical procedure to repair a woman’s ruptured perineum following childbirth. The husband stitch has come under criticism for being practiced without the consent or knowledge of the patient.


Kathoey= Thai for transgender woman

Karezza, or: coitus reservatus= sexualpractice during which a man purposefully does not ejaculate during penetrative sex


Lap Dance = erotic dance during which men and women perform sitting on a guest’s lap

LGBT, or: LGBTQI = collective term for non-heteronormative sexuality, abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, (queer, intersexual)

Love Mobile = à Brothel on wheels, often a motor home

Lubricant = substance used to minimize friction during sex


Masochism, masochist =  deriving sexual pleasure from pain

Masturbation = stimulation of one’s own sexual organs, using the hands or sex toys

Milf = attractive middle-aged woman with children (“Mother I’d like to fuck”)

Missionary position = sexual position where the passive partner lies on his/her back with the active partner on top


Nature’s Prosecco= alternative term for urine


ObjectSexuality = sexual attraction to objects

One Night Stand, or: ONS = sexual encounter where both parties agree to spend one night together

Oral Sex = sexual stimulation of the primary sexual organs (vagina, penis) using one’s mouth

Orgy = sex party involving multiple people during which guests can engage in counter-normative sexual practices


Pee Sex = urination (onto a partner) during sex

Pegging = anal penetration of the male by a female using à Strap-ons

Penis Pump = sexual tool to support penile erection

Pet Play = erotic role play during which a partner takes on the role of an animal

Potency Pill = substance taken to intensify a male erection

Peep Show = theater performance during which audience members get to watch a performer posing his/her naked body

Pole Dance = erotic dance performed on a pole

Pansexuality= sexual orientation; attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity

Polysexuality= sexual attraction towards multiple genders and sexual identities beyond bisexuality

Petting= non-penetrative sexual stimulation


Queening, or: Face Sitting = sexual practice whereby a man sits on a partner’s face to receive oral stimulation

Quickie = spontaneous, fast sex often without foreplay


Rigger = bondage artist performing à Bondage

Roman Shower = vomiting during sex to heighten sexual lust

Rope Marks = visible marks left on the skin from rope used during à Bondage

Red Light District = urban area with a higher concentration of sex-oriented businesses


Sadism = sexual satisfaction from the tantalization and humiliation of others

Safer Sex = protected sex using a condom

Safe Word = code word used to end a sexual act immediately; agreed on with a partner prior to the sexual act

Sixty-Nineor: 69 = sexual position during which both partners lie on top of each other facing each other’s genitals for simultaneous oral stimulation

Slash Fiction = pornographic stories about fictional characters from TV series or movies

Slow Word = a code word to slow down or stop BDSM acts

Snowballing, or Cum Swapping, Cumswap = sexual practice during which semen is collected in the mount and passed on orally to another person

Sodomy = non-procreative sexual practice

Soft Porn =  movie featuring sex indirectly

Spanish = sex using the breasts

Spanking = sexual practice that involves spanking a partner using one’s hands or other tools

Spooning = sexual and cuddling position whereby both partners are lying on their sides

Squirting = female ejaculation

Stealthing = abusive sexual practice during which a partner removes the condom without the knowledge or consent of the other partner

Straddle = sexual position during which the penetrating partner lies on his back whilst the other partner sits on the penis with his/her legs bent

Strap-On = dildo which is strapped around the waist with the help of a belt

SUB, or: submissive = submissive sexual partner

Sugar-Daddy = men who provide material rewards to their partners in exchange for engaging in sexual relations

Sumata = the sexual stimulation of a male by rubbing his penis between the thighs; often performed by prostitutes


Tantra = spiritual sexual practice

Tea bag = sexual practice during which a male partner places his testicles onto the face or head of a partner or inserts them into his/her mouth

Tease and Denial = any sexual act which increases arousal without leading to an orgasm

Threesome = sex between three partners

Tongue-anal = stimulation of the anus using the tongue

Toxic Shock Syndrome or: TSS = infection via the bacterium Staphylococcus

Tribadism = sexual practice during which a woman rubs her outer genitals against a partner for clitoral stimulation (without penetration)

TransientHotel =  hotelwhich rents rooms by the hour; often rented by lovers and prostitutes for sex

Transsexual = a person who associates with a different gender than his/her biological sex, often associated with sex change surgery

Transvestite = a man who dresses as a woman for pleasure

Tunnel Games = sexual games which cannot be interrupted once they’ve begun, for example those involving potency pills


Urolagnia= sexual preference for urine

Upskirt= voyeuristic photo taken from underneath a woman’s skirt


Vanillas = term used for people who practice sex without BDSM elements

Vibrator = sex toy available in various shapes and a variety of materials; often vibrates or swings

Vienna Oyster = sexual position during which a woman lies on her back with her legs crossed behind the man’s head. The man penetrates her, lying on top of her with his full body weight.

Voyeur = another term for Peeping Tom; a person who becomes sexually aroused by watching others perform the sexual act


Watersports= sexual games involving urine à Golden Shower àNature’s Prosecco


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