The Female A-spot: where is it and why does it need our attention?

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Unlike its’ sister, the G-spot, the A-spot doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The A-spot often is confused with the G-spot, but they are actually two separate areas, that produce very different reactions. What is great about the A-spot is that it can actually be stimulated internally during anal sex, despite the myth that women feel little to no pleasure during anal. The A-spot allows women to receive orgasmic pleasure beyond the clitoris.

The Female A-spot: So, what is it?

Let’s get into the science of this area first and foremost. Therefore, we asked psychologist and relationship expert Nicole Engel from Berlin: “Formally known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone (also known as the AFE zone, AFE, A-spot, epicentre, deep spot or second G-spot). According to of the “discoverer” of the A-point, the gynecologist Chua Chee Ann from Malaysia, is the A-spot more sensitive to stimulation than the G-spot, which is also partly controversial. Chua Chee Ann indicates that he found the A-spot by chance during an investigation, and tested thereupon with further women the Reaction to corresponding Stimulation. Several spontaneous orgasm- According to reports from women, the Feelings she feels during stimulation of the A-spot in their vagina, almost a spiritual experience.”

And where is the Female A-spot?

“It can be found at or near the deepest point of the anterior wall of the vagina, above the cervix. It is a super sensitive area of tissue, that is engorged when aroused and is often likened to the male prostrate (or male G-spot), because of its similarity in being precisely located and stimulated similarly”, Nicole Engel explains.

How is it different to the G-spot?

The clitoris is often understood to be small pea-sized area (hence the phrase “flicking the bean”) located at the top of the vulva. However, this isn’t true. The clitoris actually is a much longer area of tissue that extends well into the inside of the vaginal canal and is roughly 5 inches in size. Therefore, there is no precise area of the clitoris that can be defined as the ‘G-spot’. It varies from woman to woman.

In terms of orgasms, the stimulation of the A-spot is thought to be distinct from the orgasms resulted from the clitoris. Unlike the clitoris, which can suffer from orgasm fatigue when over stimulated, the A-spot allows you to keep on going without any undesired effect. This means multiple orgasms are more likely to be achieved through constant stimulation of the A-spot. Making it perfect for prolonged bouts of activity and heightened orgasmic pleasure.

How can I find it?

So how can you actually find this mysterious erogenous zone? The answer is, quite easily.

Using a finger or a toy, insert until you reach the deepest point of your vagina. You should feel something quite firm. This is the area you need to target. Nicole Engel knows: “If the woman wants to stimulate the A-point herself, then “shoveling” movements are recommended with even pressure, experts explain in relevant forums. Optimal can be perform this movement with gentle fingers or specially shaped sex toys. Of course, the partner can also pamper the A-spot, either with the fingers or with a special sex toy or anal plug. Here you should proceed cautiously.”

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As this spot is located at the back of the vagina, any kind of deep penetration should trigger a response. The vaginal canal isn’t as long as it often thought to be. So it is possible to reach this area with a variety of positions.

Anal, did you say?

Yes, that is correct. The A-spot can be found during anal sex. This is particularly important for women who want to try out anal sex or improve the quality of anal. Often, women are led to believe that anal sex holds no pleasure for women. And can only be painful, or mildly enjoyable. The truth is quite contrary.

Because the female A-spot is located at the back of the clitoris. And just above the cervix, it is pushed against the rectum during anal sex. A toy or penis can indirectly stimulate the A-spot by pushing against the rectum and vaginal wall. This means the female A-spot is stimulated indirectly during anal sex.

Why is it so important?

The A-spot needs your attention, so you can have the best orgasms and especially anal orgasms of your life, which you know you deserve. The stimulation of this area will allow you to receive orgasms multiply through a variety of positions and enjoy anal fully.

If it works then nevertheless individually, the A-point once for itself to he should gladly – as postulated – lift an orgasm into new sphere

But: “However, in my practice I meet women who have never experienced a clitoral or vaginal orgasm in their lives so far. So that the shame associated with this does not continue to prevent open communication, I find it very good that the A-point is also made a topic. In general, however, I am more in favour of women being able to do their job without any pressure to perform. Get to know and understand the body and its vagina better. A good orgasm is a good one. Orgasm. If it works then nevertheless individually, the A-point once for itself to he should gladly – as postulated – lift an orgasm into new spheres”, explains sex-therapist Nicole Engel.

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