The New Womanizer Colors: Your Feedback Matters

One thing the brand Womanizer is especially proud of? Its global pool of testers. People from all over the world regularly test prototypes and products and take part in surveys to offer feedback. This feedback is taken really seriously and is used to improve toys, as well as fulfil the wishes of our customers. The best example? Both of the new Womanizer Premium colors were chosen by you the customer….

“I like darker colored sex toys the most, especially dark blue ones. On pure aesthetics, I like the Raspberry option the most.”

“I like blue sex toys the most.”

“I like feminine colors like rose.”

“Having a range of choice is exciting as a customer.”

“The light blue and green options feel quite youthful.”

“Green looks weird.”

These are just some of the opinions from the approx. 250 product testers that participated in the global survey of the new Womanizer Premium colors. Whether from the USA, Germany, Canada, Colombia or Spain – there was a consensus. The dark blue with the soft pink made for the best color combination. And so that’s exactly what Womanizer worked with. The new colors Blueberry and Raspberry were created directly as a result of customer feedback. That’s one of Womanizer’s secrets to success: they take the suggestions and opinions of all customers seriously.

The New Womanizer Premium Campaign

It’s not only the two colors that are new. The Womanizer Premium campaign has also been revised. With the new slogan, “Be guided by pleasure” the brand highlights what makes the Premium so unique: the Autopilot™ mode. If this is switched on, the toy takes the lead and shifts seamlessly between the 12 intensity levels. This means that you can sit back, close your eyes and float on the waves of pleasure. How the Autopilot™ feels is illustrated nicely in this lovely campaign video…

No matter which color you choose – whether Blueberry or Raspberry or one of our classic colors – you’ll still enjoy the following features:

  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • 12 Intensity Levels
  • Autopilot™
  • Smart Silence™
  • 100% waterproof
  • ergonomic design

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