The Oh Really?!-Show: Episode 2 featuring Paula

Looking for good entertainment? Well, we have just the thing for you! The new episode of our Oh Really?! Show is live. Our guest: the charming Paula. Here she tells us what her mother taught her early on and why she had her first sexual experience with a soft pillow.

The Oh Really?!-Show has a serious goal. We want to put people in front of the camera to talk about their sexuality and masturbation experiences authentically. Why? Because we think dialogue is vital to reducing the social stigma around sex, as it is still to this day a taboo topic. While it’s proven that masturbation is healthy, it’s also vital to feeling empowered and understanding ourselves better.

In The Oh Really?!-Show, wonderful, everyday people speak openly with us. In Episode 2, Paula is our guest. This Berliner does not mince words and knows exactly what she wants: both in daily life and also in a sexual sense. According to Paula, masturbation helps people speak up and deserves to be discussed openly.

The Oh Really?!-Show: Both fun AND games

The Oh Really?!-Show isn’t just talk, it’s also about interactive games. In the NachOs game, Paula and our host Frieda put each other to the test. The Womanizer Instagram community was asked for their funniest, weirdest or just most unbelievable masturbation stories. Answers poured in! So now Paula and Frieda have to guess which stories actually came from our community and which are pure fiction. If they guess wrong, they have to eat a super hot chilli…which causes the pulse to rise and loosens the tongues of our hosts even further. This is assisted too by the flowing wine enjoyed during the filming of The Oh Really?! – Show.

In short: During this show, we celebrate the importance of real talk with entertaining games, laughter and drinking. And that’s a lot of fun! Watch episode 2 here.

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In episode 1 of The Oh Really?!-Show, the wonderful Maria-Josè talked about how and why every woman can squirt… and much more. Click here.

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Frieda worked as a freelance journalist for over 10 years: She used to write about Easter recipes and style icons, about human metabolism and Michelin-rated restaurants. In short: about everything, except for sex. And for a good reason. Frieda always considered herself to be an average sexual person for all those years. Until a breakup persuaded her to stop taking the pill, which she had been on for 14 years. It was then, at the age of 28, that she finally discovered her wonderful sexuality and found her true, unique and hungry libido. Ever since, she has not only practiced a new sexuality. She writes and speaks about it too. And has never been as fulfilled as she is today!