The O*Really Show: Episode 3 featuring Thommy

O-Really-Show Episode 3

Would you like to learn a little about the future of male masturbation?
In the third episode of the O*Really Show, Hair Colorist and Influencer Thommy from Berlin chatted with our host Frieda about sex, masturbation and the Sims…

Leaving all the facts clearly on the table is part of the concept of the show, because people like you and I share stories that can happen to us all in our lives. There’s no beating around the bush and if someone gets a little color in their cheeks, it’s the chillies and not the shame…

Solo sex, self-love, masturbation – all these topics are still often neglected in our society today. We want to change that, because we celebrate masturbation, we celebrate self-love. In regards to masturbation, men in particular are often said to do it all the time, but only manually, because sex toys are only used by women and homosexuals… nonsense!

Sex toys are an essential part of male masturbation and you don’t only need to take our word for it, just ask our guest. It quickly becomes clear when talking to Thommy that he has long recognized the advantages of technical support…

The O*Really Show: Not only the topics are hot!

If you now think the only hot thing about the show is the open sex talk, you can look forward to the game NachOs. Guest Thommy and host Frieda battle it out. And it works like this: The Womanizer community on Instagram was asked about the funniest, weirdest or most incredible masturbation stories. Among all the answers, a few are selected and Thommy and Frieda must guess which stories actually come from the community – and which are completely invented. Those who are wrong will be rewarded with a fiery hot chilli. It’s a good thing that there’s enough white wine to soothe any spice. And it really loosens the tongue. But let’s be honest: With Thommy and Frieda that wouldn’t have been necessary at all…

See for yourself! Have fun with Episode 3:

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A few years ago, Julia Heyne moved to Berlin. Not because of love, but to deal with love on a daily basis. She headed the erotic department at for seven years and because that wasn't enough love, lust and passion, she wrote a book about online dating in 2016. Today she has renounced online dating, but continues to write for O*Diaries about the most beautiful minor matter in the world. In her spare time, she also enjoys unromantic things like mountaineering, reading and ghostwriting for various book projects.