The O*Really-Show: Episode 4 with Johnny

Hard to believe, but even in the year 2020, prejudices and clichés are still circulating in many people’s minds when it comes to the topics of sex and masturbation. Hello?! This has to change – and we’ve made a start in the current episode of the O*Really show. This time Johnny is chatting with host Frieda about sex toys and modern masculinity. 

Johnny describes himself as a dreamer, but one thing is clear: In our show we get real and all opinions about sex are on the table. Even though Johnny says he rarely talks about masturbation with his friends (at least with the heterosexual ones), he opens up with Frieda. It’s good that the wine is already chilled and ready to be served…

Pressure starts from an early age…

Sex is one of our most natural instincts and should primarily just be fun, but unfortunately there is still a lot of external pressures. Men often have the feeling that the most important thing is to “get it on.” Johnny also has dealt with this pressure too…

We live in a world in which we are told early on what ‘perfect sex’ should look like and that it is all about “hooking up.” I sometimes feel pressure because of this, but I would say that it gets better with age.

Find out why Johnny had previously not really used sex toys like the We-Vibe Vector, why he sometimes feels masculinity is toxic and why he’s angling for Frieda’s hosting job (hint: the NachOs Game, in which the Womanizer community on Instagram can actively participate).

Have fun with Episode 4 of the O*Really Show!

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A few years ago, Julia Heyne moved to Berlin. Not because of love, but to deal with love on a daily basis. She headed the erotic department at for seven years and because that wasn't enough love, lust and passion, she wrote a book about online dating in 2016. Today she has renounced online dating, but continues to write for O*Diaries about the most beautiful minor matter in the world. In her spare time, she also enjoys unromantic things like mountaineering, reading and ghostwriting for various book projects.