Top 8 Tips On How To Finger A Woman: Let us give you a hand!

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Somehow the art of fingering seems to be old news, doesn’t it? Sure, there are great sex toys that make our (solo) sex so much more beautiful and exciting. But every now and then, it’s not so bad to get back to the basics of the art of sex. With that in mind, here come a few tips for a really good handjob!

Tip 1: Wash your hands!

This should go without saying, but because hygiene is especially important in this sensitive area, we’ll just say it again. Before the handjob comes hand washing. In addition, the fingernails should be short and well-groomed and the skin should be pleasantly soft. For people that tend to have dry skin, make sure you moisturize before you start.

Tip 2: Start slowly

As with most sex, it’s not a good idea to jump right in. It’s more about getting off to a gentle start and then building up in terms of intensity. For example, you can start by gently pressing against the vulva and then moving your fingers towards the clitoris in gentle, gliding motions. The emphasis is on ‘gentle’ because no one is likely to like rough poking in this sensitive region.

Tip 3: Grab the lube

During sex, the wetter the better. This also applies to fingering. If you have lubricant at hand, your fingers can penetrate better. If you like to finger anally too, you should definitely wash your hands in between. Otherwise, bacteria can be transmitted.

Tip 4: Pay attention to individual preferences

Keep one thing in mind: There is no such thing as the ‘perfect fingering’, just as there is no such thing as ‘perfect sex’. Preferences are individually different and if you want to score with a lot of fingering, you should also respond to them. So it helps to let the person you want to spoil with a tingling handjob tell you – or even better, show you – what they like.


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Tip 5: Variety is the spice of life!

As with almost everything in life, the same applies here. Therefore, don’t reel off the same, firmly rehearsed hand job every time, but always come up with something new. Stroking, rubbing, circling, sliding, inserting – the possibility of movements is huge.

Tip 6: Don’t forget that you have 2 hands!

While one hand is just stimulating the clitoris, the other can take care of the breasts, for example. Or around another sensitive part of the body. We have two hands, so we should put them to use!

Tip 7: The perfect move for the G-spot

In order to stimulate the G-spot, sex experts recommend a special movement, namely to gently roll the middle and index finger in and out of the vagina. This stimulates the somewhat rippled area towards the abdominal wall, where the G-spot is located.

Tip 8: The journey is just as important as the destination!

If you perform the handjob over-motivated, with the pressure of having to give her an orgasm, you take away the fun and ease of the whole thing. The point of fingering is to explore and, above all, to indulge. An orgasm as the finale? Great. No orgasm? No problem either, being close and intimate is just as valuable an experience!

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