Touch X Review: Looking for a magic multitasker?

We-Vibe Touch X

Happy Birthday, We-Vibe Touch! One of the most versatile vibrators in the world turns 10 years old and you can now enjoy even more intense vibes with Touch X.

Price: (€€) (cheap to medium)

At a glance:

  • 8 intensity levels
  • 100% waterproof
  • Suitable for couples and solo sessions
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Whisper quiet
  • Rechargeable with USB

What we think:

Wow, this is multi-tasking on a whole other level! The sleek vibrator not only pampers your most intimate hotspots, but it also relieves tension all over the body, massages us from head to toe, and can even be used as a makeup tool. It can go from self-care and mindfulness to some sensual self-loving. This versatility makes Touch X an indispensable toy.

Thanks to its optimal shape, it adapts to your body and each one of your unique curves.

It’s the perfect partner for sensual moments!

And now to the important things:

In addition to its versatility, Touch X goes the extra mile with an incredible motor and velvety soft silicone. Deeper vibrations create intense clitoral stimulation, so it’s perfect for sexy solo sessions or hot foreplay with your partner.

Thanks to the practical lock function, Touch X can also be conveniently taken along on trips. Whether it’s for an orgasm to go or a relaxing shoulder massage after a long flight….

We-Vibe Touch X

We-Vibe Touch X

Meet Touch X, a toy that can do almost anything. Don’t believe it? Try it out!

Everyday Enjoyment: Touch X is X-tra Versatile

First of all, I’m surprised by how soft the little toy feels in my hand. I guess that’s what you’d call pleasure in the palm of your hand. Now it’s time to put Touch X to the test to see if it lives up to its reputation as a multitasker.

Step one: Touch X as make-up support. I usually have pretty dark circles under my eyes, so only concealer helps. And this is what I’m gently working in today with my new vibrating friend. And what can I say? It works. And also gives my skin a slightly refreshed look too.

After a thorough cleaning, I try the toy as a massager against my tension headache. I massage my forehead, my temples, and my neck area with the powerful toy. And it feels really good! For a lasting effect, however, you probably have to do it every day.

Last of all, I take Touch X to bed and test the function for which it was actually made. And (thanks to the great shape and the intense vibrations) I can play a little with the intensity and, after a while and even a little edging, enjoy a seriously unforgettable climax. It’s a true multitasker!

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