The Wonderful World of Vulva-centric Orgasms

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The vulva-centered orgasm is a wonderful sensation that every vulva owner deserves to feel. Unlike penis owners, it is not biologically necessary for vulva-owners to orgasm to reproduce. And it’s possible to climax in many different ways – here, we have listed a few.

Trust your vagina – it knows what’s good for you

Regarding the different types of vulva-centered orgasms, it’s important to remember one thing: each body is unique! There is no universal rule, magic solution and or guaranteed method to achieve orgasm. Every day, each experience and emotional state can be different. Not to mention the hormones that have a huge impact on all sexual processes. What worked well yesterday may leave you cold today. The technique that seemed so alien to you now brings you to a whole new orgasmic feeling. All of these components make the sexual experience so exciting and stimulating. Stay curious and do not block yourself from new experiences and feelings, as long as you feel comfortable and no individual limits are violated.

 #1 Clitoral orgasm

The clitoral orgasm is generally the easiest orgasm to achieve. This may be because the clitoris is in the vulva, the outer pubic area, and so is clearly visible and touchable. By stimulating this highly sensitive organ, including the highly erogenous zone around it, many are more likely to reach orgasm. The stroking, rubbing, tapping or sucking can, of course, be done with the fingers, lips or the penis – a special way to stimulate the clitoris, however, is with the Womanizer STARLET 3. Intuitive pressure waves cause the clitoris to vibrate and lead you to a very special orgasm.

#2 Vaginal orgasm

The vaginal orgasm usually requires some patience. It is even more dependent on individual anatomy, as it is reached by stimulating the G-spot. The G-spot is well protected inside the vagina, on the front vaginal wall, just behind the urethra. The sensitive tissue of the G-spot can become hard, swell and also ejaculate during sexual arousal and penetration – or, less biologically speaking, squirt. Many women who have experienced a vaginal orgasm describe it as particularly intense. Here, it must be emphasized that no type of orgasm is better or worse than another. If you haven’t had the experience yet don’t feel pressured – sometimes exercise and patient practice are the keys. Toys are especially helpful to give the G-spot what it likes. With the Womanizer InsideOut you can make your G-spot dance…and the vaginal orgasm will be at your fingertips.

#3 Anal orgasm

Anal sex is a controversial topic: whereas some have a strict aversion to stimulating the anus, others sing its praises in high-pitched tones. Anal orgasms are much more common in penis owners due to the prostate, but can also be achieved in vulva owners by rubbing the outside of the anal opening and stimulating the inside of the anus. When it comes to anal sex, however, there is a lot to consider. Due to the lack of glands in the anal area, it is highly recommended to use lubricants to prevent injuries. The skin in the area is very prone to cracking, which can lead to unwanted infections. Also, aids for stretching the anus may be useful because, with sensitive preparation, inhibitions disappear, making it easier to surrender to an anal orgasm.

#4 Erogenous zone orgasm

Those who think that orgasm can be achieved only by stimulating the different zones of the genital area should turn their gaze to the other beautiful erogenous zones of the body. The lips are traversed by dozens of sensitive nerve endings, which can greatly increase your sense of pleasure. From nibbling on the earlobes to playing with the nipples, everything can lead to an enormous dose of the love hormone, and lead to an orgasm. Granted – this requires a very sensitive feeling, yet it is possible and liberating to discover and develop new ways of sexual climax. Sexuality is a changing process that requires practice, patience, and dedication to constantly re-experience and interpret it.

#5 Imagination orgasm

Before you think that this list contains unrealistic expectations, go with it and imagine a sexual situation that you’ve already experienced or seen in an erotic movie. Maybe you already feel a slight excitement at the very idea – a playful tingling and lust down below. Thoughts and images are very powerful and memories trigger erotic feelings. Many women report erotic dreams from which they awake sweaty and ecstatic, not knowing what had happened to them. The muscles in the vagina can also contract without external influences and thus bring you to climax. This example also requires sexual experience, open-mindedness and, of course, imagination, but once again makes it clear that the body is a marvel, especially the vulva-centric orgasm.

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