We-Vibe Bloom Review: Who Knew Working Out Could Be So Hot?

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At this point, I will confess that I am absolutely not a sports fanatic. I don’t train my abdominal muscles or any other parts of my body. But one very specific muscle group could soon be in top shape: my pelvic floor muscles, thanks to We-Vibe Bloom

What exactly is We-Vibe Bloom?

In a word: Kegel balls. Bloom is a coral-colored, velvety silicone-covered sex toy that consists of a round base with a practical retrieval ribbon. There are also three different heads that you can attach, depending on your training level. Bloom serves two purposes: Firstly, Bloom features 10 exciting vibration levels that train the pelvic floor muscles and secondly this toy aims to give you amazing climaxes. Sexual fulfillment as well as muscle toning – can this toy live up to the claim?

We-Vibe Bloom: First impressions

The toy is nicely packaged in delicate pastel colors that harmonize perfectly with the color of the toy. At first glance, you may not even recognize that this stylish little thing is a sex toy, which I personally like very much. Bloom is coated with velvety soft silicone, meaning it feels very pleasant to touch.

The toy has a retrieval ribbon so that it can be removed as easily as possible, making it super practical. And there are three different-sized heads, so you can find out which you like best. These are provided with numbers for orientation and are very easy to change.

we-vibe bloom o-diaries

We-Vibe Bloom facts

  • Price: $$
  • 10 different vibration modes
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Velvety-soft silicone
  • App-compatible, with free We-Connect App

We-Vibe Bloom: How it feels

With a little bit of lubricant, Bloom is very easy to insert and thanks to the velvety material it also feels very comfortable to wear. The different vibration patterns range from gentle stimulation to intense and powerful.

To ensure that your pelvic floor training is as effective as possible, try to incorporate as much movement as you can while wearing Bloom. This works the pelvic floor muscles harder. You do this by pulling the weight up. It sounds exhausting, but it really helps! The nice thing is that in addition to this toning effect, the toy is also a lot of fun and can lead to enhanced climaxes.

Whether Bloom is used solo or with a partner, the free We-Connect app lets you control your pleasure – both can be fun!

We-Vibe Bloom – My verdict

I think this cute little toy keeps all its promises. It feels super soft, it’s very easy to use and provides both perfect pelvic floor training and nice climaxes. The fact that Bloom can be connected to the free We-Connect app makes the whole thing even more exciting because you can also involve your partner.

My conclusion: I wish every workout was so fun!

Pelvic floor training: The best exercises for at home

The bridge:

Starting position: Lie with your back on the floor, your feet are about hip-width apart. The arms are next to the body.

Instructions:  First breathe out completely. As you inhale, tense the pelvic floor, lift the pelvis and move up vertebrae by vertebra. The bridge position is held and the pelvic floor muscles consciously tense with the exhalation. Then hold, relax the muscles as you inhale and build up tension in the pelvic floor and the inside of the legs with the exhalation. After 3-5 repetitions, release the tension working down vertebra by vertebra and return to the starting position.

We-Vibe Bloom Übung Brücke

Air bike:

Starting position: Simply lie on your back and stretch your legs upwards at a 90-degree angle.

How to:  “Start cycling” with your legs while firmly tensing the pelvic floor.

we-vibe Bloom Übung Rad

Cat cow

Starting position: You are on all fours, keep your back loose. Now take a deep breath and exhale.

Instructions: Tense the pelvic floor as tightly as possible while exhaling and arch your back. The navel pulls upwards. Keep inhaling and exhaling as you hold the tension for five seconds. The next time you inhale, lower your back and consciously relax the muscles. Repeat the exercise up to ten times.

You can of course do all of these exercises without a sex toy, but if you wear the kegel balls, the whole thing will be a lot more intense. And also more fun …

We-Vibe Bloom Übung Katzenbuckel

More tips on pelvic floor muscles

  • Use spare moments at a red light or in the elevator to tense your pelvic floor and let it relax again. Breathe in and out calmly.
  • Certain exercises should not be done during pregnancy or after a cesarean section. Do some research before you get started.
  • Make sure to always stand with your knees slightly bent. If you push your knees too much, then the pelvis will be pushed forward and cause discomfort.

Another sex toy that you can consider as a training partner is the We-Vibe Nova 2, because this flexible toy is a wonderful companion for your daily mindfulness practice thanks to its flexibility, which can include masturbation as well as meditation, yoga and a healthy lifestyle in general.

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