We-Vibe Ditto + Review: The Dream Prostate Vibrator

anal vibrator

Get ready to hear about our experience with We-Vibe Ditto + and why it’s become our new fave already!

Read on to find out more about the best anal plug/prostate vibe/orgasm accelerator out there…

Price: $$ (low to mid-range) 


  • Vibrating prostate toy
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Couple-friendly
  • We-Connect App-enabled
  • Whisper quiet
  • USB–rechargeable

What We-Vibe Say:

Designed to stimulate the prostate with deep, intense rumbles, Ditto + is the ultimate anal vibrator. The internal prostate stimulator is adjustable to fit your unique body, giving vibrations right where you want them.
The sleek design also serves another purpose: Ditto+’s tapered tip and slim neck ensure maximum comfort, while the bulb shape provides pleasurable vibrations directly to the prostate.

What We Think:

There are a thousand and one variations on the classic anal vibe toy at the moment, so what sets Ditto + apart? With that power We-Vibe is famous for, Ditto + sends incredible sensations right to where you need them. Rather than a gentle buzz, this anal vibrator hits the spot with deep pulsating vibes. Plus, the remote and app-controlled settings let you customize your play with minimal effort and without the need for any acrobatics to adjust the mode or pattern. 
anal plug vibrator

We-Vibe Ditto +

If you want to unlock the power of anal stimulation, it’s time to try We-Vibe Ditto +. Sleek design and app-controlled ease ensure a smooth start to your pleasure journey…

Now the Important Stuff

So the anal vibes are amazing, what else does Ditto + bring to the table (or bed, in this case)… First up, the waterproof factor is a huge advantage. In an era where toys need to be more versatile than ever, having the option to take your toy into the bathroom or poolside is an awesome way to spice up your partner play.

The second huge advantage of this toy is that it is app-friendly. Using the We-Vibe app with this dual vibe is not only handy in terms of keeping control in the palm of your hand, it also helps you unlock extra features of your vibe. Explore preset patterns or custom design new beats or rhythms for yourself and partners. For long-distance lovers, there’s even the option of handing control of the toy to your partner and letting them tease you from afar.

Essentially, We-Vibe Ditto + seems to be the upgraded anal toy that we were looking for. It ticks all the boxes and even creates a few new ones that we hadn’t even dreamed of yet…

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