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If you’re looking to add lil something to your sex life (or toy collection), a wearable vibe could be just the thing for you! I suggest this for MANY reasons: they are perfect for those who want to go hands free during solo sex, they free up your hands during sex with others so you can stimulate other erogenous zones, they are a wonderful way to explore new sensations and I guess the more obvious reason – they are ideal for couples who like to engage in discreet forms of public ‘affection’.

This cheeky and exciting addition can take your night out with bae to the next level. Here’s everything you need to know about one of my fave wearables – the Jive by We-Vibe.

Jive by We-Vibe: How it works

Jive is designed to be inserted into the vagina and worn underneath your clothing. Apply lube to the vibrator and gently insert the Jive into the vagina, the flexible retrieval stem bends to form to the outside of your body. Once inserted, Jive can be worn comfortably – you may even forget it’s there, that is until your partner reminds you! Best thing, you can wear it while doing literally anything – lying, sitting, standing, moving, dancing. It’s uniquely contoured and made of silky-smooth body-safe silicone and you can wear it for extended periods of time – so no you won’t need to remove it mid party.

Go for discreet:

Possibly one of the most crucial features of a wearable vibrator is how quiet it is! Especially if you’ll be using it outside of the bedroom. The exhilarating thing about pleasure in public is the capacity to do it discreetly. And considering how powerful the modes are, the Jive is deceptively quiet! Rest assured; you can relax into the pleasure without anyone else knowing what you two are up to!

It’s also essential that you can control your wearable in a discreet way – and it doesn’t get more discreet than being able to control the intensity through an app. Both you and your partner download the We-Connect™ app to your smartphones. For the couples separated by distance you don’t have to miss out on the fun, the rumbly vibrations can be controlled no matter where you are!

How to bring it up with your partner:

I’m asked this all the time – people will often share they feel nervous about asking their partner to try something new. My top tips:

  • Normalise it; easier said than done I know! Try asking them the way you’d ask if they want a coffee, whereby you won’t be offended or embarrassed if they don’t want one. Try saying something like, hey I have this new vibe and I’d love to use it together – how’d you feel about that?
  • Speak about the benefits; There are so many benefits to exploring sex toys! Figure out what the benefits might be for you and your relationship and communicate them. These may be, you’re curious and wanting to explore something new with your partner, you want to add variety to your sex life, a toy like this will allow for increased access to pleasure
  • Give them all the information they need: when, where and how you want to use it
  • Be non-attached to the outcome; if they’re not into it, that’s ok – you can still play with it in public on your own!
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We-Vibe Jive

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We-Vibe Moxie

Set some rules together:

Consent and communication must be present before, during and after sex, especially when it comes to play in public. It’s vital to communicate desires, fantasies, urges when you’re trying something new. It’ll be important to discuss where and when you want to use it and where it is off limits – note this will be different for everyone as we all have a different concept of where’s an appropriate context for desire. Say for example, you’re excited to play with it at a picnic with friends, but not at a family lunch. These will keep you and your partner feeling safe, respected and heard. This will also allow you to explore more as you’ll have a definite idea of what’s ok and what’s not. You can of course stop at any time and recreate the rules to work for you. They’re your boundaries so make them work for you and your relationship.

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