Not All Rabbits Have Ears; Reasons to Love the Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators have held their position as a popular sex toy for over 30 years. From its creation in 1983 to Samantha making it famous in Sex and the City – and now, its newest rendition as the Nova 2 rabbit vibrator in Midnight Blue – the rabbit has reigned! The rabbit has always been the most recognizable dual stimulator for self-pleasure, and Nova 2 is the ultimate evolution of this beloved toy, powerful and versatile for solo or partnered play.

Looking for some fun tips on how to use the Nova 2 rabbit vibrator? Give these positions a go!

Pleasure Trifecta

Climb on top of your partner in a position comfortable for anal sex. Insert the Nova 2 into your vaginal canal and adjust the short arm to stimulate the clitoris. You can either let your partner have control of the Nova 2 during anal sex or control it yourself – what’s important is enjoying the triple stimulation together.

Backdoor Bunny

In a position that feels good for you, insert the long arm of the Nova 2 into your anus for anal stimulation. You can then angle the shorter arm to provide broad vibrations to the vulva and clitoris, or turn it the other way to stimulate your partner instead.

*Please note that if you use the Nova 2 for anal stimulation it needs to be cleaned before being used anywhere else in the body.

Partnered Pleasure

One partner inserts the long arm into the vagina and rests the shorter arm on the vulva. The other partner climbs on top so that you both can share the vibrations of the short arm.

*It is not recommended to use sex toys with partners you are not “fluid bonded” to (ie. Use only with a trusted partner you are happy to exchange fluids with).

partner in crime

The Assisted O

Laying on your side, spread your legs, propping one leg on your partners shoulder or having them hold it with their arm. With your legs spread your partner can use the Nova 2 on you to assist you in achieving maximum pleasure. For added comfort place pillows under your hips.

The Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator: Key Features Explained

The slick modern design gives the Nova 2 a sleek look – but it’s still as easy to use as a traditional rabbit vibrator – your best friend for dual stimulation. The Nova rabbit vibrator is an ideal companion for solo or partnered play for a variety of reasons – here’s why…

Adjustable Arms

Both of the arms of the Nova 2 are adjustable. This means that you can always guarantee targeted stimulation of the G-spot and the clitoris. Most rabbit vibrators don’t have the flexibility to bend or adjust as needed to achieve perfect stimulation. All vulvas are different so not every toy is going to reach the right spot while still hitting the clit just like you want. With the Nova 2, you can adjust for exactly the type of stimulation that’s right for your body.

The Curvature

The vaginal canal has a slight curve to it – especially depending on the position that you are in – so the curved design of the Nova 2 allows for more comfortable use. Traditionally rabbit vibrators were made with a straight insertable portion, which does not go with the natural curve of the human body and doesn’t allow for maximum pleasure.

Nine Different Vibration Patterns

The Nova 2 has nine different vibration patterns programmed into it. With nine different settings, you can give yourself the full variety of pleasure options. Typically, other rabbit vibrators on the market have about six different patterns and only three intensity settings.

App-Controlled Capabilities

The Nova 2 can be controlled via the We-Connect app. This allows the Nova 2 to be more than just a solo toy. You can give your partner control of the toy near or far – completely unique for rabbit vibrators. The app control also allows for you to create your own vibration patterns, so the Nova 2 is capable of all the different creative patterns you can dream of…

Ergonomic Handle

Nova’s ergonomic handle makes the experience more comfortable than ever, while the design of the toy ensures you won’t have to reposition the stimulators with each movement.

Though the concept of a rabbit vibrator may not be a new one, it may be time for a level up – Nova 2 takes a classic concept and gives it more power and versatility than ever before. Add  more color to your collection with Nova 2 in its sleek new shade of midnight blue. Hop to it – order your Nova 2 today!

We-Vibe Nova 2

We-Vibe Nova 2

The special Rabbit Vibrator Nova 2 is now also available in midnight blue…

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