Sex Toy Brand’s $30,000 Stimulus Package to Reunite Couples

Leading sex toy brand We-Vibe is offering 10 couples affected by COVID-19 a $3,000 “Reunion Stimulus Package” – no strings attached. The O*Diaries team takes a closer look at how to apply.

We-Vibe has carved out a market niche in couples’ vibrators and toys. Launched in 2008, the brand has gone on to sell millions of products all over the world. Now, given the ongoing pandemic, We-Vibe wants to give something back and has pledged to donate a total of $30,000 to 10 couples ($3,000 each – yay math skills) – all you have to do is apply on their website.

Not all doom and gloom for retail businesses.

Unlike many brands. We-Vibe reported record online revenues in 2020, with US sales increasing by 30 per cent. Faced with ongoing travel and lockdown restrictions, couples have been left mentally and emotionally drained. With some partners not able to see each other physcially, many have started to explore the world of app-controlled sex toys to help reconnect intimately. We-Vibe has stated that the idea for the stimulus package is to help couples reunite and cover potential flight/travel costs.

Digital intimacy during lockdown

Partners have faced unprecedented difficulties since the beginning of the pandemic. Border and travel restrictions have meant that many could not see each other – in some case for many months. This has led partners to look for alternatives. We-Vibe specializes in toys that couples can use together. In the We-Vibe collection, a key feature is the free We-Vibe app where users can control each other’s toys remotely– even if they are in different time zones! Users can start a video call and then pair and control their toys via on-screen controls.

‘The We-Vibe App allows our users to play and share control over the toy from anywhere. A great option for couples doing long distance, as they are able to enjoy themselves together, no matter the location’, says Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment.

And in the face of COVID-19 digital intimacy apps like the latest from We-Vibe seem more relevant than ever. Downloads have skyrocketed and so far the app has been downloaded over 2.5 million times worldwide.

We-Vibe Reunion Stimulus Package – all you need to know

Who can apply?

Any couple affected by COVID-19.

Is there a deadline?

Yes! You need to apply by Valentine’s Day – February 14th, 2021 –  to be in with a chance.

How can you apply?

Head over to this sign up page and enter a few details your name and email address.

How will the winners be decided?

After you signup, you will be entered into a lottery system. Ten couples will then be chosen at random and each awarded $3,000!

What can you spend the money on if you win?

Unlike most stimulus packages, there aren’t any strict restrictions on this one. The idea is that the money can go to flights or transport and accommodation costs. Anything that helps you to reunite with your partner.

Anything else?

No that’s it. Apply now and don’t miss the deadline!

Good luck!

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