The Sex Toy Material of the Future: What is Biolene?

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PREMIUM eco is the first sex toy from Womanizer that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The magic word for this revolutionary development is: Biolene. But what exactly is that? We took a closer look at the material that could outperform ABS plastics in the future.

Biolene – a biodegradable material

While sex toys are normally made largely from ABS plastics, which are harmful to the environment, the focus is now – for example with the PREMIUM eco – on so-called ‘bio-plastics’. Biolene is such a bio-plastic with the clear advantage that it is completely biodegradable.

Even more, Biolene is biobased, biodegradable and industrially compostable. The compound consists mainly of polylactic acid (PLA). More than 70% of the total carbon in the polymer is biobased. That is, it is derived from biomass.

PREMIUM eco | The World's First Biolene Sex Toy

Why does Womanizer use Biolene of all things?

A study conducted by the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Institute for Bioplastics and Biocomposites (IfBB), tipped the scales in favor of using Biolene for PREMIUM eco, the first sustainable sex toy. The study investigated various biobased plastics for substituting the outer parts of the PREMIUM eco made of ABS. It found that Biolene is the only bio-based material that has similar properties to ABS while being biodegradable.

To understand, a production of about 100,000 PREMIUM eco sex toys would save about 10 tons of plastic per year.

Is Biolene skin friendly or can it cause allergies?

There are no known allergies that can be associated with Biolene. No substances known to be food allergens are used in its manufacture. The material is therefore absolutely skin-friendly – and it feels very comfortable.

How does organic plastic feel on my body?

The thought is absolutely understandable, because this is a new area of research and development, and many are not yet familiar with the environmental benefits of bio-based plastics. Change is a bit disconcerting for most people at first. Nevertheless, the many benefits of Biolene absolutely speak for themselves.

Premium eco

Womanizer PREMIUM eco

Make orgasms sustainable with PREMIUM eco. Dive into a greener future with the newest clitoral stimulator from Womanizer!

Besides Biolene – these are the benefits of the environmentally friendly PREMIUM eco:

  • PREMIUM eco has a rechargeable, replaceable battery to extend the life of the product.
  • PREMIUM eco can be completely disassembled for easier recycling.
  • No complete silicone sheathing
  • No galvanized parts Charging cable with 50% shorter
    and 50% less material
  • 100% organic cotton bag
  • 100% FSC packaging
  • 0% plastic in packaging
  • Shortened instructions for less paper

Want to know more about how Biolene looks and feels in action? Check out our review of Premium eco here!

How To Use Womanizer PREMIUM eco

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