What do we think about during oral sex? 10 millennials tell all

what we think during oral sex

Let’s be honest – oral sex is just one of those things. Do we really know how our partners prefer it? Hard or soft? Use of teeth, tongue, lips – the list of unknowns is long. We’ve asked 10 millennials about their thoughts during oral sex. The answers range from insecure, distracted to absolute delight.

#1 Sara (29): “Please, let’s just be clean.”

“If I go for a dive, I just hope that the boy has washed his thing. Nothing is more off-putting than a stinky or weird-tasting penis. It makes me gag. I like to blow, but his piece should go under the tap shortly beforehand. After all, I also freshen up before I join him between the sheets.”

#2 Andrea (31): “Not too deep please.”

“My problem with oral sex is my gag reflex. I’m rather sensitive in the pharynx. Even if I push the toothbrush too far into my mouth I sometimes gag. So, you can just about imagine what happens if I mean too well and push his penis a little too far down my throat. Gag sounds and tears streaming down my eyes aren’t sexy. Then again, I don’t want to look like a little girl licking a lollipop. Blow jobs aren’t easy!”

#3 Kerstin (34): “Am I doing it right?”

#“Before I met my husband, I was never sure about how to properly perform oral sex. Some men liked it when I used my teeth lightly, others got a panic attack at the mere thought of teeth. And don’t get me started on the balls – licking, sucking, nibbling, kneading – who knows!? An open and honest communication about one’s preferences can help avoid unpleasant situations and uncertainty and increases the sexual intensity. That doesn’t just apply to oral sex, but all parts of the sexual act.”

#4 Lisa (28): “The blow job is my supreme discipline.”

“Please don’t laugh about my thoughts on blow jobs, but I’m planning to go down in history as the person giving the best blow jobs. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but I see it as a core competence to suck a guy. I just enjoy doing it. I love it and am accordingly good at it. Often, I don’t even want to stop.”

#5 Jake (31): “Don’t cum in my mouth!“

“I enjoy it, once I get into the flow and realize that he’s liking it. It really turns me on when we share the same rhythm and our desire for each other heightens together. The thought that crosses my head usually is: “Don’t think this is it, babe! We’re having sex after this – so don’t cum in my mouth!”

#6 Sandra (23): “I hope my necklace doesn’t break.”

“I love blowing a guy. Really, I do enjoy it and tend to get wet during. It’s the perfect foreplay. I tend to think I give a good blow job, at least judging by their reactions. However, it’s not uncommon for me to get my chin stuck on my necklace. I never take it off and often this small restriction has made for a good laugh in bed.”

#7 Stephanie (35): “If I have to.”

“I don’t really like oral sex – neither being on the receiving nor the giving end of it. I’m more likely to do it as a favor. That’s probably why I’m not always fully committed. My thoughts are always wandering. Unfortunately, I think that my boyfriend knows.”

#8 Lara (30): “Form check is important to me.”

“I have to admit that my thoughts aren’t always exclusively with the guy’s penis whilst I pleasure him. I’m rather concerned with what I look like during the act. It must be a funny sight, me sitting on him all naked. I wonder whether my bum looks sexy when I lift it up or what my breasts look like from another perspective. I’m definitely trying to present myself from the best angle.”

#9 Jenny (25): “Stop annoying me – I need to focus.”

“I think I’ve mastered the blow job discipline, but I really have to focus when I suck or lick. I don’t like it when the guy wants to finger me at the same time or something like that. The 69 isn’t much fun for me. I want my work to represent myself and be enjoyed. Another thing I really hate is when the guy pushes my head down. That’s totally humiliating. When a guy does that, I usually hit his hand. I think I’m a blow job bitch (laughs).”

#10 Martin (22): “Not in my mouth please.”

“I don’t want his sperm in my mouth. I just don’t like the taste of it and I don’t want it on my face either. I don’t even want to be good at sucking someone, because the danger of being sprayed increases. The same doesn’t apply to the rest of my body however – that’s where I like it.”

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