Womanizer Blend Review: Beginner Friendly Blended Orgasms

If you’ve ever wanted to try a rabbit sex toy that offered a little something extra, Womanizer Blend is the one. Combining Womanizer’s awesome Pleasure Air Technology – a special kind of stimulation that sucks and massages the clitoris with air pressure waves – with an internal G-spot vibrator, Blend really does give you the best of both worlds. Its compact size means that it hits the right spots without being terrifyingly big or difficult to move around – making it the creme de la creme of sex toys for beginners. Let’s take a look at Womanizer Blend’s features in a little more detail…   

Womanizer Blend Rabbit Sex Toy: Features Guide 

Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology 

The clit sucker part of this toy is a soft stimulation head that slips over the clitoris and uses changes in air pressure to suck and pleasure the clit – creating a sensation totally unlike a standard vibrator. Now, that’s not to say a word against your standard clitoral vibrator – a vital addition to any sex toy collection – but Pleasure Air Technology builds up to a different kind of orgasm. You may find that regular vibrators cause numbness if you’ve been going for a while, but Pleasure Air Technology is designed to give multiple orgasms, over and over again.  

Dual Stimulation  

Blend is a clit sucker AND a G-spot vibrator in one, creating a delicious, blended orgasm (ahhh, that’ll be where the name comes from!) that’ll leave you weak at the knees. While the internal arm slips inside and sends satisfying vibrations to the G-spot, the external clit sucker massages the clitoris simultaneously. These sensations combined target the clitoris from both sides at once, giving a more 3-dimensional, richer climax. You know when something feels so good you can’t quite believe it? That’s very much the vibe here. It’s great at giving multiple orgasms too. Also – if you only want vibrations or clitoral suction, that’s fine too – Blend has separate motor controls so you can mix and match the two sensations however you like.  

Perfect Pleasure Shape  

The toy handles really well, so whether you’ve only used beginner sex toys or are a pro with a full-to-bursting toy drawer, Blend is lightweight and easy to maneuver one-handed – without compromising on power. The internal G-spot vibrator arm is designed to slide effortlessly inside, shaped to fit your natural curves and hit the right spot, while the external clit sucker stimulation head, made from soft, silky silicone, feels great on skin and is comfortable to use, even for longer periods of time. Believe me, you’re gonna want to keep going and going…  

Vibrations & Intensities  

Blend’s clit sucker stimulation feature can be used at 8 different intensity levels. It’s nice to start gently and build the intensity when you’re ready – this also makes it easier to have multiple orgasms and play for longer. It’s easy to cycle through the different intensities of Pleasure Air Technology, even when your focus is solely on pleasure in the heat of the moment… The G-spot vibrator is no slacker, either! There are 3 different vibration intensities – soft, medium and strong – and 3 different vibration rhythms – Massage, Wave and Pulse – to choose from. I’m no mathematician, but the possible variations of all these styles, coupled with the dual motor control, means that you won’t get bored with this clever little toy.  

Versatile, Convenient Use 

Blend is no ordinary clitoral vibrator – it has a bunch of cool features that make it more effortless and varied than other toys. For example, Blend is IPX7 waterproof, so you can happily splash about in the bath or the shower without worrying about any damage to the toy. This feature also makes it really easy to clean – simply wipe down the smooth silicone with toy cleaner or soap and water before leaving to dry on a towel. It’s best to leave silicone toys to air dry rather than rub them with a cloth or towel to avoid picking up lint from the fabric. Blend is also super easy to recharge – the toy comes with a USB charger – and gives up to 90 minutes runtime when fully charged. Much more eco-friendly than disposable batteries – and more convenient too.  

Womanizer Blend Clitoral Suction & G-Spot Vibrator: In Summary 

If you’re looking for a rabbit vibrator – especially one that makes allowances for beginner sex toys – then Blend really does it all. Great things come in small packages, and this neat, petite little treat provides everything you need – clitoral suction, G-spot vibrator, great features and easy use. It’s a high-quality toy that is worth every cent of the price tag, and earns its place among the great sex toys for beginners as much as those for seasoned pros. 

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