Womanizer CLASSIC 2 Review: Everything You Need to Know

Womanizer CLASSIC 2 Review Erfahrungsbericht Erfahrung

Who knew you can make a classic even better? With Womanizer CLASSIC 2, get ready to meet one of your favorites in a whole new way. Find out how this refreshing remix blew this blogger away…

Heading into the cooler months, you might be like me – looking for something new and exciting to help heat things up while it’s chilly outside. The universe has answered: say hello to the Womanizer CLASSIC 2. This incredible update on one of my favorite toys has been long-awaited and, fortunately, the wait was worth it. Find out just why I’m so keen on the CLASSIC 2…

Womanizer CLASSIC 2: The Basics

“Embrace your essential pleasure” – As the tagline suggests, CLASSIC 2 is all about reconnecting with yourself in the most intimate and exciting ways. No matter what’s going on in your day, there should be something you know you can always turn to relax and, for me, that’s always been my Womanizer toys and the CLASSIC in particular.

That’s why I’m so keen to try CLASSIC 2 – and to see how one of my favorites can get even better.

Before we get too far though, let’s take a refresher on what makes this toy so good in the first place. Heard of Pleasure Air Technology? With intense pulsating waves of air pressure, this new type of clitoral stimulation from Womanizer is a total gamechanger.

This intense suction and release are as close to the excitement of oral sex as a toy can offer – and this rests completely in the palm of your hand and is rechargeable for hours of fun. What could be better?

Let’s find out more…

Womanizer CLASSIC 2 Review Erfahrungsbericht Erfahrung

Womanizer CLASSIC 2

Ready to meet CLASSIC 2? Sleek, chic and discreet, this toy is the perfect addition to your collection!

CLASSIC 2 Features Overview

  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • 10 Intensity Levels
  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • New color choices
  • Super soft surface
  • Alternative size stimulator head

CLASSIC 2 Features in Detail

With all those incredible features, it’s easy to get lost and miss the big updates. Let’s dive in and let me tell you about the best parts of CLASSIC 2.

Pleasure Air Technology

Featuring Womanizer’s groundbreaking clitoral stimulation, Pleasure Air Technology is truly something you need to experience. There’s only so much I can describe when it comes to this intense pleasure punch. By fitting the stimulation head around the clitoris (you’ve got two sizes to choose from so enjoy that extra-snug fit), CLASSIC 2 envelops the head of this sensitive spot with incredible waves of suction and pressure. But the main headline? This is all done through waves of air – there’s no direct contact, which means there’s no risk of numbness. You stay sensitive and fully stimulated by every single pulse!

10 Intensity Levels

The earlier CLASSIC was already a must-have for many Pleasure Air fans, but CLASSIC 2 kicks things up a notch with 10 mind-blowing intensity levels. Whether you wanna start slow with gentle, fluttering touches or dive in with powerful waves of suction, you can curate your own journey with ease. There are easy-to-reach controls along the body of the toy so you can adjust or switch things up without losing any focus!

Waterproof (IPX7)

Look, as we come to expect the most of our toys – especially luxurious ones like those from the Womanizer collection, I’d be lying if I said being water-friendly is a deal-breaker. It might sound silly but I really like to mix things up when it comes to my solo play and the location is just one part of that.

I tried CLASSIC 2 in the bath and there’s just something about being surrounded by warm water, bubbles, and that extra intense massage this toy gives you. Plus, the fact that it’s waterproof means CLASSIC 2 is easier than your average to look after and clean. Just running water and thorough drying off, and you’re done!

New Color Choices

Womanizer CLASSIC 2 is available in 2  new colorways that might be tough to choose from. If you’re down for something bold and sensual, then the deep, bold red is right for you. As for me, I’m all about the classic black. Sleek, chic and never goes out of style!

Coupled with the smooth clean lines of the toy’s design, the colorways ensure your CLASSIC 2 looks as luxe as it feels.

Super Soft Skin

When it comes to toys, how they feel in your hand is very underrated. It could be the most incredible, powerful toy in the world but if it feels weird to hold, then I’m not playing with it. Luckily, CLASSIC 2 ticks both boxes when it comes to being an incredible toy and being made of premium materials. Body-safe, ultra-soft ABS plastic is a high standard and Womanizer never falls short.

Aside from feeling nice to the touch and durability, the body-safe surface also means that there it’s easy to clean and look after. There’s a reason Womanizer CLASSIC 2 comes with a 5 Year Warranty – these toys are the ultimate nightstand companion!

Womanizer CLASSIC 2: What’s In The Box?

Nobody wants to judge a book by its cover… but it’s always a nice surprise when the cover is the ultimate anticipation-builder too. So what else comes with your toy? Let’s find out!

Womanizer CLASSIC 2 toy

  • 2 stimulation heads in sizes M and S
  • Magnetic pin USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Satin storage pouch

As someone that has done that desperate chase around the house for the elusive charged batteries, the fact that Womanizer CLASSIC 2 is rechargeable is just such a huge plus. The LED light on the toy lets you know when your toy is fully charged, as well as when it is running low and of course, when the charging connection is active. It’s super easy to keep your toy as ready for play as you are.

Aside from the handy instruction guide that helps you with any last-minute questions, you’ll also find the alternative stimulator head sizes. Medium and Small are the two options, and if you’re unsure what’s right for you, just try them both and go for the most snug fit.

How To Use Womanizer CLASSIC 2

While the concept of Pleasure Air Technology and the toy’s sleek, space-age design might sound more elevated than your average toy, the functionality is as simple as you could hope. Simply place the stimulator head over the clitoris so that you feel it enveloping you from all sides. Then you just need to press the power button for 2 seconds to turn toy on (you also press the same power button for 2 seconds to turn toy off). To increase the intensity, press the + button again and again. To decrease – you guessed it – press the – button. Hold the power button down for 2 seconds when you want to switch the toy off.

Is Womanizer CLASSIC 2 Worth The Money?

PRICE: USD 129 / CAD 149 / GBP 119 / EUR 129

To me, of course, CLASSIC 2 is worth it. For such a powerful, versatile toy, I’m happy to invest in my pleasure. While it might be more expensive than toys you’ve found in other places, the simple fact is that the 5 Year Warranty and Womanizer reputation gives me faith that I’m buying a toy that’s gonna last and last.

While there are other imitations popping up on the market these days, they just raise too many questions for me to enjoy enthusiastically. Do I want to bother with disposable batteries again? NOPE! Do I know I’m getting a body-safe toy when it’s made that cheaply? NOPE! And, finally, do I want to go with an imitation item when I can get the original and know it’s gonna last for 5 Years? That’s right, NOPE again.

All you need to know is right there in the name. This toy is a true instant classic and if you take the leap like I did, it’s bound to become a staple of your collection in no time.

Meet the brand new CLASSIC 2!

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