Womanizer DUO 2: The Best of Both Worlds

Connoisseurs of Womanizer know that we regularly update our existing product portfolio. Welcome to the Womanizer DUO 2 – the new and improved version of the DUO created for the most hedonistic of vulvas! Read on to find out what makes the DUO 2 so special, why it combines the best of both worlds and why its release announces the advanced, whole body orgasm.

At work, you’re constantly giving 100%. You’re always there for your loved ones and you master your hectic day-to-day life with grace and bravura. You don’t compromise. So why should it be any different when it comes to your sex toy? After all, it’s all about you and your special moments. The Womanizer DUO 2 opens up a whole new world of orgasms, stimulating your clitoris and G-spot at the same time. As soft air waves from the innovative Pleasure Air™ Technology massage the clitoris, the powerful vibrator stimulates the G-spot and the vaginal area for intense pleasure. In addition, the Womanizer DUO comes with ten vibrational modes to choose from. So, whenever you’re in the mood for something a little different, just switch mode and intensity. That way you’ll reach deep climaxes time and time again.

Developing the DUO 2

Womanizer developed the DUO 2 based on feedback from our global community of original DUO afficionados. The DUO 2 truly builds upon its predecessor and reaches a whole new level of performance with 14 intensity levels and an Afterglow function for a smooth landing. There are now more colors to choose from to suit the most discerning of styles and tastes.

The Rabbit Vibrator 3.0

If the Womanizer DUO announced a new generation of Rabbit vibrators, then the DUO 2 is certainly evolution in action. Unlike traditional products currently on the market, both the DUO and the DUO 2 are uniquely equipped with a flexible vibrator. The clitoral stimulator and vibrator are seamlessly connected and enable a perfect fit to any body shape. This also makes it possible to stimulate your hot spots irrespective of body shape or size. As always, the product is 100% water-resistant.

And what’s more: like the original, the DUO 2 comes equipped with Smart Silence Technology, which means the toy is only activated upon skin contact. Perfect for pleasurable hours alone or together, you can enjoy the DUO 2 without pressing a button and when you’re finished you won’t have to worry about being distracted by any noise.

Independent operation – just the way you like it

Not every day is the same and the same goes for your libido. Sometimes you may want it stormy and intensive, other times soft and relaxing. Thankfully, the DUO 2 allows you to operate the vibrator and clitoral stimulator independently of each other. Simply adjust the levels and rhythms using the DUO 2’s intuitive controls – and have it just the way you like it. Consider the DUO 2 pleasure renewed to offer you richer sensations for an advanced, blended orgasm.

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