Review Womanizer LIBERTY: the perfect travel buddy

Womanizer Liberty Review

Price: $$


  • intensity levels 
  • Hygienic travel cover
  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • 2 stimulation head sizes
  • USB rechargeable 

What Womanizer Say:

Ladies, get ready for takeoffwith a stylish cover and six levels of stimulationthe Liberty guarantees pleasure in every place on the planet. 

What We Think:

Liberty does what it says on the label, with this compact, this travel vibrator is perfect for orgasms anywhere you feel like. The chic packaging features a clear panel, which offers a nice preview of the toy. For anyone concerned about discretion, any curious eyes seeing the box and toy are more likely to think the toy is a fancy make up gadget than anything specifically sex-related.  

One of the best things about the Liberty’s aesthetics is the color options. The four choices include a soft rose pink, red wine, powder blue and a sweet lilac. As the toy is stylish enough to keep out on your nightstand, make sure you match it to your décor! 

Now onto the important stuff:

With a USB charging cable and a secure case, the Womanizer Liberty lives up to its name as the most portable and stress-free travel buddy ever. There are 6 intensity levels at which you can enjoy Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology. If you’re a newcomer to this type of toy, start slow as the suction is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before and even the most gentle settings are sure to get things going. 

The Liberty is also more compact than some of Womanizer’s other toys, which means it is a little easier to move around. Additionally, the simplified design means the button controls are a classic “plus” and “minus” format, so it’s easy to stay in control without clicking around to find the right setting for you. 

Womanizer Liberty

The long and short of it:

As the compact, travel-friendly option out of Womanizer’s clitoral stimulator range, the Liberty is a great addition to any budding collection. Even if you already own a Premium, the convenience of having a more luggage-friendly (and airport security-friendly) choice is worth the investment. 

There are of course a few different options in the clitoral stimulator market, so what makes the Liberty right for you? Well, it’s 100% waterproof so as well as a road-trip pal, the Liberty can also easily be a bathtime best friend. This secure design and the hygienic case ensure the Liberty stands heads and shoulders above the competition.

Womanizer LIBERTY: The hard facts

Need some additional hard facts? No problem! The Womanizer Liberty comes with a USB charging port with magnetic pin. Fully charged, the Liberty provides up to 120 minutes of pleasure. Cleaning is reassuringly easy: simply use warm water or antibacterial soap. And by the way: your new companion is made exclusively from body-friendly materials.

Find your favorite color

The design of the Liberty has evolved to be both discrete and elegant. The small travel companion is available in four timeless colors. Now all you have to do is decide which one you prefer. Metallic pink rose or red wine? Or perhaps the pastel tones of powder blue or lilac?

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