New Pleasure Paths: Womanizer Next Review

As a sex toy tester, I have a reputation with my friends as being a pleasure queen. This reads true, in the sense that I’m constantly championing the power of all orgasms, big and small. But the reality is that I’m still discovering my relationship to my sexual self. It contains all the same vicissitudes life has to offer – twists and turns, up, down…and all around. 

I recently tested the Womanizer Next and I’m in the mood to spill the T about the latest in Womanizer’s clit vibrators. And let me tell you, as a premium clitoral suction product, Womanizer Next reshaped my relationship to pleasure, orgasms and the ‘script’ I usually follow towards orgasm. Come with me while I talk 3D Pleasure Air Technology, multiple orgasms and learning to slow way down in solo play.

Womanizer Next: Her-storical Context of Clit Suckers

Back in the 2014, Womanizer came in hot on the sex toys for women scene with their clitoral vibrator designed with Pleasure Air Technology. PAT uses changes in air pressure to stimulate the clitoral hood with what I usually explain as sucking, kissing or massaging sensations. The extra bonus? No contact for a happy clit, meaning no overstimulation or rawness.

Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology also made a sexy assist on closing the orgasm gap, as upwards of 80% of women can’t climax from penetration alone. Basically, all hail the clit and clit suckers! With over 8,000 nerve endings, the clitoris is made up of the external clitoral hood (just the tip of the NICE-berg – sorry, couldn’t resist) and extends internally into the clitoral arms. Essentially, there’s a lot of real estate to engorge and arouse.

When the clitoral vibrator Premium 2 launched, their community responded with reports of climaxing in just minutes. Ooooh-la-la! But seriously, connecting to our bodies and pleasure opens the door to much more than just the physical. Confidence comes with cumming! Self-knowledge comes with sexy solo play! Education comes with the erotic! Okay, enough with the alliterations.

Fast forward to 2024, and Womanizer, who quite frankly spends a lot of attention on their community feedback and testing processes, is back with the NEXT BIG THING. Clitoris, might I introduce you to the Womanizer NEXT?

Womanizer Next – Fabulous New Features

I’ll break down the features first, then get on to my personal adventures in testing the Womanizer Next.

  • 3D Pleasure Air NEW! – that’s right, 3D. I’ll explain below.
  • 14 intensity levels – think of how many ways you can play!
  • 3 levels of  Climax Control NEW! – changes between 3 depth levels of Pleasure Waves for richer, fuller sensations.
  • Autopilot​ – when activated, alternates between intensity and depth levels so user can let go and just enjoy the ride.
  • Smart Silence – only starts when in contact with the skin.
  • Afterglow​ – for a relaxing finish, sets the toy back to lowest settings after climax.
  • Noiseless​ – the quietest WMZ product YET.
  • Waterproof IPX – bath and shower, here we come!
  • Lasting Lover – Long runtime at 120 minutes 

Womanizer Next – 3D Pleasure Air Technology Explained

For me, the beauty of Womanizer clit vibrators lives in the intensity settings – I can create subtle changes in the Pleasure Air sensations. Settling into a solo sex session, I usually start on the lowest setting and enjoy a warm up…pulling focus on MY pleasure. Perhaps you’ve heard of body scanning meditations? Touted as a powerful somatic experience, the practice involves paying attention to the breath and slowly moving up from the toes all the way to head, focusing on every sensation and staying with it…even honoring it.

I try to do the same with self-pleasure As I increase the intensities, I ‘pleasure scan’ my body’s reaction to arousal, not just in my vulva but also throughout my thighs, belly, chest and my toes.

The first time I tried the Womanizer Next, I felt like I had discovered a whole new pleasure map. Why? Womanizer Next’s Climax Control. Independent from the 14 intensity levels, Climax Control allows for changes in the depth of Pleasure Waves. This puts the 3 in 3D Pleasure Air. 3D Pleasure Air is like ‘subsonic bass’ for the clitoris. The sensations REACH DEEP. Womanizer Next answers the call to pleasure connoisseurs looking for a clitoral vibrator that inhabits its own galaxy (as far as I’m concerned).

This must have clit sucker creates what feels like an infinite amount of curated pleasure paths. I’m not a mathematician, but with 14 intensities and 3 different depths…let’s see…carry the one…multiply…whatever the number, this is what I mean by galaxy. Vast V sensations! You can keep Climax Control at 1 but move up intensity to 12 or explore Climax Control 3 with a lower intensity. Absolute S-T-U-N-N-E-R! 

If you’re feeling like laying back and enjoying the ride, let Autopilot take the lead in clitoral suction. The spontaneity of sensations mimics a lover leading the way…yes, darling! If you feel like practicing ‘pleasure scanning’, scooch a pillow under your booty with two others to support your arms. Position Womanizer Next, press Autopilot and close your eyes. De-LISH!

Womanizer Next – Redefining the Script

Many of us follow a ‘script’ in our sex lives. I certainly have had to let go of the ‘straight to climax’ script in both my partnered and solo sex. Or the ‘orgasm defines sex’ script. Or even ‘sex always means penetration’. Unexpectedly, one major result in becoming a product tester was a newfound relationship to how I experience pleasure and orgasms. I started switching up the expectation or goal of self-pleasure. Now, don’t get me wrong – sometimes it’s all about the quick and dirty climax. And I am in no way taking that off the menu! But! With Next’s design for a medley of stimulations and sensations, I invited myself to sink into the process of pleasure, slowing waaaaaaay down.

Two unexpected AHA moments occurred. The first being that playing with building arousal slowly almost to the point of climax, then backing off and starting again is LUSH. Referred to as edging, I highly recommend adding this to your racy repertoire. Edging takes practice, but it’s all about the build, pause or decrease stim, repeat as many times as you like. With just a press and hold of the intensity minus button, Womanizer Next resets to Climax Control and Intensity 1. Then begin again. Aptly called Afterglow, this feature can also be your best study buddy in the art of edging in addition to simply offering a smooth landing post-climax. Explore edging and you might just find your orgasms feel way more powerful and embodied when you do finally orgasm.

Number two? Multiple orgasms, baby! Because of the lower frequencies coupled with softer pressures, Next creates the perfect symphony of sensations for double ‘Ohhhhhs’. For me, I discovered keeping the intensity levels lower while ramping up Climax Control after my first orgasm seemed to create quite the second climactic context. Of course, what it takes for a person to have multiple orgasms differs. My advice, grab a Next and make a date to find what fuels your adventures in multiple orgasms. Let’s call it ‘homeplay’…

Womanizer Next – Is the Price Worth It?

At 209EUR/219USD, Womanizer Next is an investment. That’s the honest truth. As far as clit vibrators go, she’s a LUXURY model. But the way I look at it, I easily spend 5 bucks here and there on little ‘pick me up’ treats throughout the week which can add up fast. The Womanizer Next is one massive treat all in a silky, smooth body-safe silicone design. Not to mention the sexy selection of colors like Dark Purple, Black and Sage. For an added perk, Womanizer stands behind the Next’s quality with a 5-year warranty. From my vantage point, I’m all in.

Womanizer Next’s tag line is Orgasms, Evolved. And I fully agree this clitoral vibrator delivers on its promise.

Womanizer NEXT

Explore 3D Pleasure Air for NEXT Level Orgasms.

Orgasms, Evolved

Next’s Climax Control makes for multiple orgasms at the touch of a button.

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