The Ultimate Womanizer OG Review

If you’ve read any O*Diaries before, you’ll know we LOVE Womanizer – and their latest toy, the Womanizer OG, is something we’ve never seen before. Yes, most new products on the market claim to be some fancy, new-fangled thing, but the Womanizer OG is actually a world-first: a Pleasure Air stimulator for the G-Spot. And hoooo boy, the orgasm you get from this brave new design is something to celebrate… As connoisseurs of pleasure, it’s our duty to take an in-depth look at the Womanizer OG. Let’s go!  

Womanizer OG: The Basics 

Womanizer’s new toy, the OG, is focused on the G-Spot – the first G-Spot Pleasure Air toy in the universe, ever! As well as using Womanizer’s groundbreaking Pleasure Air technology (a kind of pulsating air massage previously only used in clitoral toys), the OG also uses vibrations, so the G-Spot and sensitive vaginal area get a double whammy of delicious sensations… Of course, you can use the Pleasure Air stimulation head on your clitoris too, so the toy is versatile, but the real unique magic of the OG is using it inside the vagina.

The G-Spot is not as readily sensitive as the clitoris, because the G-Spot is covered by the vaginal wall, while the outer clitoris is exposed. For this reason, using a toy on the G-Spot usually takes a little longer – this is what Womanizer mean when they describe your “Journey to Ecstasy” – and it really is a journey. Using a Pleasure Air toy on the clitoris, most people can orgasm within a couple of minutes, while using it on the G-Spot takes longer – but the resulting orgasm is so deep and satisfying that it’s really worth the wait – and the journey itself is wonderfully pleasurable too.  

Womanizer OG Features Overview  

  • Pleasure Air Technology combined with vibrations 
  • 12 intensities  
  • Ergonomic shape 
  • Quiet operation & Smart Silence 
  • IPX7 Waterproof  
  • Afterglow function 
  • Body-safe silicone  
  • Rechargeable  

Womanizer OG Features in Detail 

That’s a solid overview, but let’s zoom in and get a bit more technical on each point, yeah? 

Pleasure Air Technology 

Pleasure Air Technology, is Womanizer’s incredible invention that spread orgasms all across the word! Rather than a standard vibrator, Womanizer’s pleasure air stimulation head slips over the clitoris – or the G-Spot, in OG’s case – and uses waves of air pressure to massage and suck. It feels incredible, and when used on the clitoris, can bring you to climax at lightning speed. As discussed, using Pleasure Air on the G-Spot takes a little longer, but it’s just as powerful – a totally unique sensation. OG has a flexible, rounded tip that makes it the perfect shape for slipping in and out and teasing your G-Spot, so the Pleasure Air head and intense vibrations are easy to move around to give maximum pleasure. 

Smart Silence 

Womanizer OG runs surprisingly quietly for the amount of power it provides, meaning that you can keep things discreet if there are other people in the house or the walls between you and your neighbors are a little thin. Womanizer OG also has a feature called Smart Silence, which conserves battery life – the toy only runs when it’s in direct contact with your skin. You can turn this function off if you don’t want it – I’ll admit that when I first used the toy I was confused about whether it was on or not, but you can just put your finger onto the stimulation head to test it – it’ll start sucking if the OG is turned on.  

12 Intensity Levels & Afterglow 

Womanizer OG has 12 intensity levels, and these get powerful as heck at the upper end, so it’s advisable to start soft and gentle then up the intensity as you get more turned on. It’s great to be able to vary the power of your Pleasure Air massage and of the vibrations, and the toy has really simple button controls that are intuitive to use – and you don’t have to keep looking down to see which buttons you’re using as you can tell which button is which by touch alone. Another nice feature to round off an intense orgasm is the Afterglow function – this drops the intensity right back to the lowest level quickly, providing a smooth, warm finish.  

Waterproof (IPX7)  

Womanizer OG is fully waterproof, so it’s mega easy to clean and you can use it in the shower, bath or  ornamental fountain in your mansion without any damage to the toy. Admittedly, you may not own an ornamental fountain, but it’s nice to know you could safely use your vibrator in one.  


No need for sad empty batteries or changing out the batteries in your TV remote in desperation – Womanizer OG is rechargeable, using a USB cable with magnetic charging pins for a secure fit. A full charge takes 100 minutes and this yields about 2 hours’ worth of play, so it’s a generous runtime.  

Super Soft Silicone Skin  

Silky smooth and super hygienic, Womanizer’s elite silicone coats the OG, making it feel good both in the hand and on your body’s intimate areas. Silicone is hella durable too, so it’ll last a long time without dropping any quality. And if something is going inside your actual body, you want it to be the best quality, right?  

New Color Choices  

Womanizer OG is a high-end toy, so it makes sense that it comes in sophisticated colors: Dark Gray, Lilac and Aubergine. All three look sleek and chic, furthering the luxurious aesthetic of the elevated design. 

Womanizer OG: What’s In The Box?  

Open up the box and you’ll find your gorgeous new Womanizer OG toy, as well as some useful accessories.  

  • Womanizer OG toy 
  • Magnetic pin USB charging cable  
  • Instruction manual  
  • Cute storage pouch  

It’s worth noting that Womanizer toys have a solid five-year warranty, which is reassuring when spending real money on a toy.  

How To Use Womanizer OG 

You always want to use lube with toys, but Womanizer OG really, really loves it. Keeping the toy slippery is a great idea because you’ll be switching between external and internal use, and also G-Spot stimulation takes longer than clitoral stimulation so it’s important to keep things wet to stay comfortable. Oh, and make sure it’s water-based lube – this is a high-quality silicone toy, and it’s not good for the toy to use a silicone-based lubricant with it.  

Turn the OG on by pressing the power button for 2 seconds. You can cycle through different intensity settings using the + and – buttons, which is nicely intuitive. To warm up, use the Pleasure Air stimulation head on your clitoris, then when you’re more aroused, slip the toy into the vagina and use the stimulation head on your G-Spot, a few inches up on the front wall of the vagina. As with any toy, experiment with pressure, positioning, force and vibration intensity to see what feels good for you. Take your time to play and enjoy the Journey to Ecstasy – G-Spot stimulation is a whole different experience to what you may have tried before.  

Is Womanizer OG Worth The Money?  

PRICE: 199USD / 219CAD / 179GBP / 199EUR  

The short answer is YES. The longer answer is still yes, but here’s why… Firstly, OG has a solid 5-year warranty, so you can expect a long, pleasurable relationship together. It’s a well-made, rechargeable toy, so it’s not going to crap out on you in a couple of months like some cheap piece of tat you could get from a vending machine. You pay more for the premium features, such as ultra-hygienic silicone, an incredibly powerful motor, total waterproofing and the unique, sophisticated design.

Womanizer OG is unlike any other toy on the market, with their often imitated but never bettered Pleasure Air technology offering powerful massage for the G-Spot for the first time. Intense vibrations, perfect Pleasure Air and the smooth, ergonomic shape are all emblematic of the kind of exquisite quality we’ve come to expect from Womanizer over the years. There are only so many ways to pleasure a human being, and it’s great to see some genuine innovation in the sex toy market again – Womanizer OG is a truly new addition to your collection, and a vital piece of kit for any (s)expert.  

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