Introducing Womanizer OG

OG At One Glance

  1. Womanizer OG offers Pleasure Air Technology for the G-Spot, for the first time ever. 
  2. OG is a true innovation, combining suction-like air pressure with vibrations to pamper the G-Spot with two types of stimulation. 
  3. OG is a conduit to new sensations, a tool for the bold and the curious to unlock a whole new type of pleasure. 
  4. OG is made for pleasure experts, by pleasure experts.

All About Pleasure Air

Made for pure pleasure, the clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings, all working towards your bliss.

A unique body part deserves unique treatment, which is why Womanizer’s Pleasure Air was invented. Womanizer’s revolutionary stimulation uses waves of air pressure for concentrated, contactless stimulation unlike anything else. This is seriously an Orgasm with a capital Ohhhh… 

Womanizer’s unique Pleasure Air Technology changed the face of the sexual wellness industry and pioneered a whole new sensation. Since its inception in 2014, Pleasure Air has been spreading orgasms all over the world – but it’s never been featured in a G-Spot toy – until now.

All About The G-Spot 

The G-spot: It’s something most pleasure-seekers have heard of, but it’s somewhat misnamed. For a start, it’s a bit weird that the “G” in G-Spot is named after an old dead German dude – physician Ernst Gräfenberg. The name has stuck now, but the idea that some ye olde cis-guy “discovered” this erogenous zone in the vagina is a little insulting – kind of like how Columbus “discovered” America. Secondly, the G-Spot is not so much a “spot” as a larger area of the inner clitoris, which can be stimulated from inside the vagina – and grows more sensitive as the whole clitoris engorges, usually from external stimulation before and during penetration, though some people can climax just from penetration.

The internal G-area of the clitoris, covered by the front vaginal wall, is less readily sensitive than the exposed outer clitoris, and therefore takes more time to warm up – something to bear in mind when using the Womanizer OG. A G-Spot orgasm is truly special, unique experience, and takes a little time and care to achieve. 

The Womanizer OG Journey To Ecstasy

The clitoris, just like the penis, swells and hardens as you get turned on, becoming more sensitive. This in turn makes the inner clitoral area (the “G-Spot”) bigger, more sensitive, and more receptive to stimulation.

Womanizer OG may take a little warming up to get started, but the resulting climax is so satisfying and totally different from anything you’ve experienced, it’s more than worth it. 

OG is a journey to ecstasy – your unique orgasmic journey. Take a little time to activate the inner clitoris, using the Pleasure Air stimulator on your outer clitoris to get turned on before inserting the toy into the vagina to use the Pleasure Air stimulator on the inner clitoris. 

G-Spot stimulation gets better every time – OG’s fans know that practice makes pleasure. Embrace a curious mindset and set out to find what your journey to ecstasy feels like for you. 

How To Use Womanizer OG

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Experience Womanizer OG in These Awesome Videos

Get a front-row seat for a tour of the brand new Womanizer OG in this video series: the perfect guide to this groundbreaking G-Spot toy. Be the first to see Womanizer OG – the first toy of its kind, anywhere in the world!

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