Womanizer PREMIUM eco: A sex toy that’s good for the environment!

womanizer premium eco

Separating waste, largely avoiding plastic, shopping sustainably – most of us are doing quite a bit to preserve our beautiful world for a while longer. It’s necessary, sure, but it’s not really fun, is it? How good would it be to be able to do something for the environment and experience real highlights at the same time? Good News: It’s possible! Welcome, PREMIUM eco…

PREMIUM eco – a declaration of love for the environment

Womanizer stands for the many facets of self-love and lust. But that’s not all. The brand also stands for responsibility and sustainability. With the new PREMIUM eco, a first step has been taken towards the production of sustainable and environmentally friendly products. For this purpose, the design of the Womanizer bestseller PREMIUM has been changed so that the product can be easily recycled. An innovative alternative material is used in this toy – for biodegradability. This toy is ideal for those who want to enjoy unique climaxes and at the same time do something good for the environment!

womanizer Premium eco

Womanizer PREMIUM eco

Meet Womanizer PREMIUM eco, the world’s first sustainable sextoy!

Recycle? No problem with PREMIUM eco!

The toy can be easily disassembled into all its parts and is therefore totally recyclable. Thanks to a replaceable battery, you can also be sure that the toy has a very long life.

What makes PREMIUM eco so special?

PREMIUM eco is the sustainable update of the Womanizer PREMIUM and at the same time the first sex toy designed with a special focus on environmental protection. True to the motto: Do something good for yourself AND the environment! The biggest difference to its technical predecessors: PREMIUM eco is made of biodegradable materials. Keyword: Biolene. This is an absolutely unique biomaterial from Womanizer that is completely biodegradable. This makes it an excellent alternative to ABS plastics. So if you ever decide to part with your PREMIUM eco, you won’t create any waste.

Premium eco

All top features of PREMIUM eco at a glance

Greener orgasms thanks to Biolene

Made from degradable biomaterial, PREMIUM eco guarantees pure pleasure. And that for you and our environment. As a result, this toy is the world’s first Pleasure Air toy that focuses on environmental friendliness without sacrificing quality.

Pleasure Air technology for unmistakable sensations

In the mood for a whole new experience? With Pleasure Air, it’s all at the touch of a button. Gentle air vibrations stimulate the clitoris completely without contact. So there’s no getting used to or overstimulation. Instead, you’ll experience orgasms that you’ve never known before. PREMIUM eco is of course also equipped with Pleasure Air and shoots you into completely new spheres at the touch of a button.

Smart Silence

Like its predecessor PREMIUM, the eco-friendly version is also equipped with the practical Smart Silence function. This means that the toy only gets going when it comes into contact with the skin. If you take it away, it falls silent. Wonderfully discreet!

Replaceable battery

In the spirit of sustainability, PREMIUM eco enjoys a long service life – thanks to the rechargeable battery, which can be eventually removed and easily replaced.

Additional stimulation head

Each body is unique, so PREMIUM eco comes with an extra stimulation head so you can test which one suits your curves.

PREMIUM eco in test: My first time with the eco-friendly toy

Admittedly, I can still work on my ecological footprint. Sure, I separate waste, avoid plastic and try to be more sustainable when it comes to clothes (bye, bye H & M and Co.!). But there’s always room for improvement, isn’t there? The new PREMIUM eco is just what I need, because not only can I do something good for Mother Nature, I can also have fun doing it. Win-win, or how do you see it?

My first impression

As a long-time Womanizer PREMIUM user, I immediately noticed the change in design. There is no longer a start button, just a plus and minus button. The material not only feels different, it also looks different. Different, but by no means worse! The delicate pastel color awakens spring fever in me as soon as I unpack it. Speaking of unpacking, there’s no question that the packaging alone was extremely important to sustainability. No unnecessary material is used here.

How PREMIUM eco works

The handling of the toy is wonderfully uncomplicated – as with all Womanizer products. To switch on PREMIUM eco, I simply press the + button for two seconds. Unlike the original PREMIUM, there is no start button. Since the Smart Silence function is active, the toy only starts when it comes into contact with my skin. I personally love this feature, who wants to turn it off, simply presses for two seconds simultaneously on the plus, and the minus button. Now I try my way through the 12 intensity levels and find that there really is something for each of my preferences – which are not infrequently dependent on the form of the day. The Biolene, from which PREMIUM eco is made, feels very pleasant and it’s nice to be able to pamper myself with a clear conscience. If you want, you can use some vegan lube as well. Unlike PREMIUM, there is no autopilot here, but that doesn’t really bother me because it keeps me in control of my pleasure.

That’s why I would recommend PREMIUM eco to others

Yes, I would recommend PREMIUM eco to my girlfriends because it’s so easy to have fun and do something good at the same time without any effort. I experience intense climaxes and know that the toy is absolutely biodegradable and therefore does not create waste. That just feels good.

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