Womanizer Sale – now’s your chance to scoop up a Womanizer

womanizer starlet sale

We usually don’t advertise much on our own behalf, but today we’ve got a good reason, because we’re offering readers the opportunity to purchase a brand-new Womanizer at a discounted price. From 15th June 2019 you can pick up a Starlet at a hefty discount of €10. Find out more below.

Small, handy and simple to use – that’s our Starlet. The vibrator may be small, but offers a lot when it comes to performance. Naturally, the mini allrounder includes our popular Pleasure Air Technology, which produces soft air vibrations that indirectly massage the clitoris for that gigantic orgasm. You’ll never need to worry about overstimulation of your precious clitoris or the dreaded habituation effect thanks to our specialist technology.

The Starlet comes with four perfectly balanced intensity levels providing the right amount of stimulation for those who like it soft or more powerful alike. Perhaps you’ve never owned a sex toy before? Or maybe you’re looking for a smaller version to suit your travel needs and those spontaneous pleasure moments with your partner? Either way, the Starlet is the perfect choice! So, don’t miss out on our Womanizer Sale in Europe.

Exclusive Womanizer Sale: Get your Starlet now!

From 15th June 2019 you’ll be able to save €10 when purchasing a Womanizer Starlet (RRP: €69.00) in Europe! Don’t miss out on this deal and head over to our online shop now.

Why have you never offered a discount on Womanizer products before?

This is the first time we’ve ever offered a discount on a Womanizer product and for a good reason. With our Pleasure Air Technology, the Womanizer brand represents innovation through leading-edge technologies and design. Although budget manufacturers have tried to copy our technology, they have never succeeded. Here at Womanizer, we are proud of the high quality of our original products. Furthermore, the German company employs real people (no robots here) receiving fair wages. The upscale prices of our products reflect our commitment to quality, innovation and the fair treatment of our staff. However, we’ve decided to make an exception and from 15th June 2019 you can get your hands on a Womanizer product for less. The Starlet will be available for just €59.00 instead of €69.00 as part of our very first Womanizer Sale.

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