Support women in Texas and Womanizer will support you with a free sex toy

We’re pissed off! 

The abortion laws that Texas state legislature passed on September 2 are not only unconstitutional but also wildly discriminatory against women. That’s why the brand Womanizer is taking action – and we want you to join us in fighting back. How? Read on to find out more.

It’s a man’s world and the rest of us have to live in it. Texas shook the free-thinking world on September 2, 2021 when state legislature passed outlawing abortions after only 6 weeks – a point at which many people with uteruses do not even know they are pregnant. This law effectively bans abortion for most people in the state of Texas – a rule passed by an overwhelmingly male government.  

If a person with uterus wants to get an abortion, it’s her right to be able to. This powerful Instagram post from Impact details just a few of the many reasons that people wish to terminate a pregnancy – and why six weeks is a restrictive cut-off point.  


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Senator Elizabeth Warren likened the insane new law to The Handmaid’s Tale and noted what pro-choice advocates have been saying for years: making abortions illegal doesn’t stop abortions, it stops SAFE abortions for poor people.  

“Women with resources still get abortions. Women who have time and who have friends in other places will still get abortions. So what this law is really about is not stopping abortions across the board. This is about bearing down on the most vulnerable among us.” 

We can’t change laws but together we can advocate for positive change. This is why Womanizer is donating $10,000 to Planned Parenthood in Texas to help provide affordable, safe healthcare for all.  

And they go even a step further. They want you to be part of the movement.

To combat the outrageous, dangerous Senate Bill 8, the brand will be gifting 500 Womanizer Starlet 2’s to those who sign the petitions that advocate for this law to be reversed. Every 10th person who signs will receive a product.

The fight doesn’t stop there – you can help. Here’s how:

  • Sign one (or both) of these petitions from ACLU and Planned Parenthood
  • Take a screenshot of the confirmation you’ve signed
  • Email this screenshot to
  • Every 10th respondent will receive a free STARLET 2 from Womanizer to say thank you!  

Winners will receive their free STARLET 2 in the form of a code that will be emailed by September 10, 2021. We have 500 STARLET 2 toys available for this giveaway – committing nearly another $40k to this important cause.

Why signing a petition?

Signing petitions is a great and impactful way to make our voices heard and show the people trying to control the bodies of others that we won’t stay silent in the face of sexism and fascism. Keep fighting the good fight everyone.

The ACLU is one of the most well-respected organizations in the US that fights for civil liberties for all people. They stand out as they are not a partisan organization, but instead fight for basic human rights

Womanizer stands with the all people with uterus of Texas – and people around the world – in this fight for access to the basic human right of reproductive healthcare.  

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