Womanizer: The Ultimate How-To Guide

womanizer duo

Since Womanizer launched in 2014, these sex toys have made millions of women happy worldwide. Because one thing is clear: These clitoral stimulators were something completely new from the start for the world of sex toys. But how do Womanizer products work? What makes these clitoral stimulators so special and how do you find the toy that suits you best? Welcome to the big Womanizer how-to guide!

What is Womanizer?

Sex toys from the Womanizer brand have one purpose: to give as many women as possible intense orgasms in the shortest possible time. Womanizer is the brainchild of Michael Lenke from Lower Bavaria who invented and developed the first prototype. Since reading an article about the “orgasm gap” in 2012 – the fact that very few women have regular orgasms compared to men – he has been working to close this gap. After a year of tinkering, the first Womanizer was born, coming onto the market in 2014 and has since been sold millions of times all over the world. It all started with the Womanizer W100. A slim clitoral stimulator with a length of around 15 centimeters was the first member of the Womanizer family and was equipped with a single button to control the 5 intensity levels.

Today, there are various models – from the practical travel companion LIBERTY to the all-rounder PREMIUM. They have innovative features, high-quality materials and a unique design.

How do you use Womanizer products?

Most Womanizer models are clitoral stimulators with different features. For example, Womanizer PREMIUM has a number of innovative features, while CLASSIC 2 or STARLET have basic functions and are particularly easy to use. In addition to clitoral stimulation, Womanizer DUO also offers vaginal stimulation and is equipped with a vibration arm in addition to the clitoral suction device.

How does clitoral stimulation work?

What is special about the Womanizer products is the revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology. The clitoris is pampered without contact by gentle air vibrations. This does not lead to overexcitement or desensitization. And this is how you use Womanizer:

  • Make yourself really comfortable and take your time
  • Slightly part the labia so that the clitoris is exposed
  • Now gently place the head of the toy on the clitoris
  • Try the different intensity levels and find out what you like best

Why is clitoral stimulation so important?

Numerous studies and surveys – as well as sex experts – show that for most women purely vaginal penetration is often not enough to achieve orgasm. You also need clitoral stimulation. The clitoris has an extremely large number of nerve endings and is therefore particularly sensitive. When excited, it swells – similar to the male penis. If the clitoris is stimulated, it will almost certainly result in an intense orgasm – or even more.

How does dual stimulation work with DUO?

Womanizer DUO has ushered in a whole new era of Rabbit vibrators. And brought us completely new orgasms, because it pampers the clitoris and G-spot at the same time. While the clitoris is massaged with gentle air vibrations with the help of the innovative Pleasure Air ™ technology, the powerful vibrator in turn stimulates the G-spot and the vaginal area and gives you the feeling of being “filled”. In addition, the Womanizer DUO offers ten vibration modes: if necessary, you can select them and increase their intensity. In this way, you always reach unprecedented climaxes and deep orgasms.

The insertion of the vibrator works well with a little lubricant. The vibration level can be easily controlled using the button with the vibrator symbol. Now the clitoral stimulator is positioned by slightly pushing the labia apart and placing it over the clitoris. Find the right pressure wave stimulation level, sit back and enjoy!

womanizer duo

Womanizer DUO

How do I find the right womanizer for me?

All Womanizer models create intense orgasms, but  individual products still meet very special requirements:

  • STARLET for example is the perfect model for beginners. The small toy is a real all-rounder, and at the same time looks pretty and is easy to use. You don’t have to be a sex toy professional to enjoy STARLET. This little toy is designed so that you can control it intuitively. Optionally with one hand. This is perfect for the solo sex experience, but also for enjoyable hours with a partner. The four intensity levels are perfectly balanced and can be controlled via two buttons. Thanks to its ergonomic design, STARLET lies in your hand like a flatterer.
  • LIBERTY, on the other hand, is the perfect travel companion, because with a stylish cover and six stimulation levels, Womanizer LIBERTY  guarantees pure pleasure anywhere in the world.
  • Double the fun with Womanizer DUO, as it pampers the clitoris and G-spot at the same time. Thanks to its many different setting options, DUO is more of a toy for advanced users. But its a great way to get to know your own body and your individual needs better.
  • Womanizer PREMIUM is – as the name suggests – a great all-rounder. This premium toy is equipped with numerous features and leaves nothing to be desired. The autopilot in particular ensures some relaxing me-time.
Womanizer Starlet

Womanizer STARLET 2

womanizer Liberty

Womanizer LIBERTY

What Womanizer features are there and how do they work?

All Womanizer models are equipped with innovative technology that makes the brand something very special. What unites them all is the groundbreaking Pleasure Air Technology®. While only some models offer other features such as Smart Silence ™. Here are the most important applications at a glance:

How does Pleasure Air Technology® work?

This revolutionary technology stimulates the clitoris without contact by  using gentle vibrations of the air. The result: there is no overexcitation or a habituation effect, which may occur with other toys.

What us Smart Silence ™?

Smart Silence ™ means that the toy only starts when it comes into contact with the skin. If it is removed, it switches off automatically and only comes on again when it comes into contact with the skin. This ensures heavenly calm.


How does the autopilot work?

Womanizer PREMIUM has a very special bonus: the autopilot. Through this function the toy takes control and surprises you with ever-changing intensity levels. It never gets boring and you don’t have to do anything other than enjoy.

womanizer premium

Womanizer PREMIUM

How do I clean my Womanizer toy?

In general, the toys can be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap or a special toy cleaner. Here are a few Womanizer cleaning tips:

  • Remove the silicone head and clean with warm water and antibacterial
    toy cleaner before drying.
  • Thoroughly clean the surface of the Womanizer with a soft, damp cloth (use warm water + toy cleaner or antibacterial soap). Dry the device.
  • Put the cleaned silicone treatment head back on the womanizer. The device is now perfectly cleaned again.

What material are Womanizer products made of?

Most products are made of phthalate-free silicone, the stimulation attachment is made of hypoallergenic medical silicone.

How long does Womanizer last when charged?

Womanizer is charged via USB and the runtime varies depending on the product – from one to four hours at full power.

Is Womanizer waterproof?

Yes, Womanizer is absolutely waterproof and therefore can be enjoyed wherever you like.

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