You. A Lifelong Romance: Womanizer celebrates Me-Month


Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. In the name of self-love, celebrate yourself this year! Whoever said you’re not allowed to gift yourself on Valentine’s Day? Here are some inspirations!

Declutter to find your inner Zen

The home is the mirror of the soul, they say. Perhaps that explains why we tend to feel better in a clean and tidy domestic environment. So why not use Valentine’s Day to declutter that wardrobe? A good clear-out can help us wind down. You’ll feel lighter as soon as you’ve taken those old, unwanted items to the next clothing drive or given them away to friends.

Date with yourself

Design the perfect date and enjoy it alone. How about cooking your favorite meal just for yourself? Whilst you’re at it, light some candles and go watch that movie you’ve always wanted to see. Importantly, if you start to think “this date would be better together,” don’t worry, just deflect those thoughts and be grateful that you don’t have to make any compromises. After all, not every partner will be willing to watch that weird movie you picked. Just appreciate having those beautiful moments all to yourself.

Alone at the sauna

For some this may be the perfect way to end a solo date. If you’re having a little me-moment at home, the bathtub will do just fine. But for those seeking slightly more elevated experiences, the spa will be calling. Fortunately, the sauna is likely to be almost empty on Valentine’s, as many women will be spending the evening with their partners. Space. Steam. Silence. Bliss!

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More Pleasure, Less Cash

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Womanizer has a few of its most popular items on sale. Try the incredible clitoral vibrator of the Pro40 – now more affordable than ever!

womanizer valentines day

Say yes to you!

Intense waves of air suction and pressure? Sounds like the perfect recipe for a day of pampering and relaxation. Try the W500 now for an unforgettable Womanizer experience!

“You. A Lifelong Romance” – Celebrate Me-Month with Us

We take it even one step further. Not only do we celebrate the International Day of Self-Love, but we also claim the whole month in the name of self-love: Me-Month. Starting February 1st, 2019 at O*Diaries, you will find all sorts of articles and columns around the topic of self-love and Valentine’s Day. First up, our author Tina comes to the revelation that Valentine’s Day is just completely overhyped. In another, the enchanting Edith has put together some ideas on feeling good (with or without a partner) on Valentine’s Day – or any other day for that matter. For even more inspiration, Konstanze asked 10 very different people about how they will spend February 14th. As for our O Talk, we talk to Alexandra Lia, who uses meditation and mindfulness techniques, as well as life coaching, to create content that invites people to listen more closely to their inner voice.

In short: with our campaign “You. A Lifelong Romance,” we invite you to fall in love – with yourself. We want to make sure everybody understands: every kind of love begins with loving yourself first…

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Put yourself center stage!

Lights, camera, action: it’s time to make yourself the focus as you deserve. Start with Starlet, the clitoral massager from Womanizer that will get your pulse racing!

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PREMIUM Pleasure

When it comes to treating yourself, you should stop at nothing less than the best. And that means treating yourself to the luxury and intensity of the Womanizer PREMIUM.

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