Masturbation Tips for Men

10 Masturbation Tips For Men To Go Self-Pleasure Pro

Go from curious to connoisseur. These top masturbation tips for men will turn you into a self-pleasure pro.

10 game-changing masturbation tips for men

Looking for a one-stop masturbation guide for men? Curious how you can up the pleasure factor? These men's masturbation tips will put you on course to become a connoisseur in the fine art of getting off.

From exciting new techniques to mindful masturbation, read on for 10 masturbation tips for men to get the most out of solo sex.

Read up on the statistics

One of the most eye-opening masturbation tips for men is to check out the statistics. If there's one thing the recent large-scale masturbation studies have revealed, it's that our habits are more alike than we might think. Not only do most men masturbate, but even such preferences as time and location tend to correlate.

The impact of male masturbation statistics cannot be underestimated on the journey to continued openness on the topic of self-pleasure. Though the narrative of male masturbation has had its ups and downs over history, science is continuing to prove that masturbation is an important part of a healthy life and sexuality.

Experiment with new techniques

While the up-and-down stroke is the most universal of the male masturbation techniques, all men masturbate differently. Prepare to discover new types of masturbation.

A change of grip is one of the simplest masturbation tips for men, yet it can add an interesting new dimension to the experience. If you’re game for unprecedented pleasure sensations, the latest sex toys are designed to do all the work for you. And advanced-level masturbation tips for men may take some time to perfect, but upgraded orgasms make them well worth the practice.

Explore different positions

Exploring different positions is one of the most underrated masturbation tips for men. Just as it feels amazing to switch it up in bed with a partner, experimenting with masturbation positions is an opportunity to discover enhanced pleasure sensations. So sit back – or kneel down, or bend over – and relish the experience.

Go hands free

Climaxing without touching your penis? It doesn't have to be prone masturbation. Besides hands-free techniques like ASMR, high-tech sex toys can offer new, unexpected sensations and provide extraordinary orgasms. Lying down with the gadget on your stomach can feel intriguing.

Train to last longer

Masturbation before sex is one of the most common male masturbation tips to help you last longer in bed. The prevailing view is that a ‘tactical orgasm’ releases built-up sexual tension before the main event. Another hypothesis – as noted by a 2013 paper – involves the post-orgasmic release of the hormone prolactin.

This hormone alters genital sensory perception, making it much harder to achieve another orgasm in quick succession. This ‘male refractory period’ can vary with age from a few minutes to 24 hours. So – as with all masturbation tips for men – before you go all in, be sure to have a test run.

Enjoy a pre-workout routine

How does masturbation before workout affect performance? One of the most prevalent masturbation tips for men is to maximize competitive drive via periods of abstinence. However, many athletes are on the opposite team. They believe sex or masturbation before exercise gives them extra edge.

The science is inconclusive, but there are some notable benefits. The powerful hormone and chemical cocktail released after orgasm can boost motivation, alertness and memory. Muscle blood flow is increased, while inflammation is decreased. That’s not to mention higher optimism and self-esteem – which can not be underestimated at the gym. Time to make masturbation part of your pre-workout routine.

Pass up the porn

When was the last time you closed your eyes and fantasized? While porn is a great way to explore what turns you on, it can turn masturbation into a goal-oriented experience. Masturbation without porn is one of the most exciting masturbation tips for men who desire to surf the pleasure wave longer. What’s more, you’ll have the headspace to explore different masturbation techniques and positions, which can work wonders for your orgasm.

Be present in your pleasure

Not only does mindful masturbation help you to cultivate more awareness of your arousal process, but greater acceptance for your body and your sexuality.

Mindful Masturbation is the practice of being fully present as you stimulate yourself. Not only is mindful masturbation a great tip for men to cultivate increased awareness of the arousal process. It also supports a greater acceptance of your body and your sexuality.

It's essentially meditation for your masturbation routine. If you commit to it, it can totally transform your orgasm. Mindful masturbation workshops and retreats teach you how to use your sexual energy for healing – covering everything from the breath, to self-massage, to masturbation tips for men.

Have fun with it

There are so many fun ways to masturbate for men, so why not experiment? It could be as simple as slowing down or trying new places. Another great masturbation tip for adventurous men is to create a bucket list and embark on a solo pleasure quest.

Making masturbation a ritual can be the ultimate indulgence. And if you’re looking for fun masturbation tips for men, try out some of the latest sex toys to give your orgasm extra g-force.

Share your experience with others

Masturbation isn’t just normal; it’s healthy for your mind and body. Yet, the internet’s masturbation FAQs often tell a different story – ranging from concerns about frequency to possible side effects. Spoiler alert: apart from an orgasm, there aren’t any.

Science is doing an amazing job at busting masturbation myths. Sharing masturbation tips can feel totally liberating for men. A rule of thumb: if it feels good, then you’re probably good.

Men's masturbation tips can be truly empowering

Fact: the more you know about masturbation, the better it gets. Whether you focus on approach or technique, there are countless masturbation tips for men. Ultimately, the best way to masturbate for men is to experiment – and the journey can be as empowering as it is thrilling.